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  1. Things I Don't Like

    I hear you on that one. This is the first year that I did need some work done - nothing serious but still annoying :(
  2. Things I Don't Like

    True :D Or I should just hire a housekeeper
  3. Newbie Intro

    Hi...! I love the Ford Kuga. I must say that I prefer the look of the MK 1 for some reason.
  4. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like any form of housework...my particular dislikes are hoovering, washing up and dusting That's time in my life that I'll never get back. Oh well...I'm off to put some washing in the machine.
  5. Car Insurances? What Are You Paying?

    When I bought my brand new Fiesta Titanium in 2011 my insurance was about £650 - that's without any no claims bonus. It's around £450 now which I'm happy with :D. I am a girl so I'm guessing that helps
  6. Fiesta Zetec S Mk 7.5, New Member!

    Hi...! I'm on my 6th or 7th Fiesta, I've lost count :D . Never had any major problems with any one mine and the Mk 7 is definitely my favourite Fiesta so far. Enjoy!
  7. Shall I Buy A Ecosport

    I currently have a 2011 Fiesta Titanium and I wouldn't swap it for an Ecosport - the interior of current uk Ecosport looks old and tired! I like the exterior look of the Ecosport but the interior needs a serious upgrade.
  8. Oops - sorry I've found the asnwer to my question in another post Thanks
  9. Hi All

    Hi & welcome Jeff. I'm an ex Focus driver but I later converted to a Fiesta :)
  10. Less Than 48Hrs To Go

    oh...That's how it came - I didn't change anything. You'll love it when you get yours ;)
  11. Less Than 48Hrs To Go

    Sorry I'm rubbish and taking & posting pics but I did post a pic of my new stereo illuminated at night - you can see it in the FoC Photo Gallery under Ford Fiesta. Take a look - I think it looks great but I am biased :D
  12. Less Than 48Hrs To Go

    My Titanuim took about 6 weeks to arrive from order and I was really pleased because I have no patience Perhaps Ford are keen to get 11 plates on the road asap
  13. Car Size Increases Over The Years

  14. Car Tax!!

    Yeah - so I don't need to buy it until next year...I've got time to save up I've owned a fair few cars in my time so I've paid lots of tax - I'm glad I'm finally getting a decent deal out of this country's car tax rip off. It wouldn't be so bad if they actually spent the money on fixing the roads!
  15. Car Tax!!

    Hey thanks fordpartsman!! I checked and mine is £20 too Sorry Miss Sparkz, we feel your pain...honestly ;)