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  1. Help With Engine Mount Please..

    Anyone ?
  2. Help With Engine Mount Please..

    The upper right hand side engine mount on my 2010 1.6TDCI van has gone. By right hand side I mean when sat in the drivers seat. Its right beside the cam belt cover, They are quite expensive from the main dealers and I hope I can find one as a spurious part ? Febi Bilstien do them for the Mk6 up to 2008 but I cant seem to find one for the 2010 Mk7. My questions are is this a common failure ? And can anyone please direct me to where I can buy this part. Thanks.
  3. Is "trust Ford" Reliable?

    Golden rule when buying cars. Trust none of them ! Look at the advice above and check the online dealers as it might save you a good few quid !
  4. Which Coolant?

    As above mate it's by no means uncommon for the level in the expansion tank to go below the mark. Having some coolant on the shelf is dead handy so it won't go wasted.. I would bet a good wedge there is no leaks. Remember also if there were the fluid could drop onto the under tray and evaporate. But there won't be any leaks ...
  5. Which Coolant?

    1CM below the level is perfectly normal if the engine is stone cold. Absolutely normal and nothing at all to worry about. Dont be surprised if anything you add gets spat out of the overflow when the engine warms up. By all means buy and add but to be frank its probably completely unnecessary. IF and thats a big IF your level is dropping take it back to the dealers its virtually new ?
  6. Which Coolant?

    Your coolant level will go up and down with the temperatures of the engine. When cold expect to see it at or near the low level. When hot the water/coolant will expand and will likely rise to the higher level indicator . This why the tank is called "Expansion" It very likely if you fill it up to the high mark when cold it will expel the coolant out of the overflow pipe meaning it will be back to square one. If the colour of the mix in your expansion tank is pink which is likely then add the pink coolant. If blue use blue. HTH,
  7. 2011 Fiesta Zetec S 'bonnet Open' Warning Problem?

    Common issue. Or they will set the alarm off at silly Oclock. Just join the wires and bypass the switch that's what I did.
  8. Poor Radio Reception.

    The radio reception on my 2010 sport van is terrible. It just keeps loosing signal and is crackly. Our other two vehicles one of which is 2009 Fiesta are fine in the same areas so its something on this van. I have taken the aerial off and cleaned the areas where it sits but it has not improved it at all. So how do I get behind the factory fit HU to see if I have a bad connection there ? Or could it be something else ? Is there a Hi gain ariel that might help ? Cheers !
  9. A Step Too Far Perhaps?

    I had a bit of carbon on my R1...
  10. Rado Grey Alloy Cleaning

    Wonder wheels is a very very acidic wheel cleaner. If you spray it on your wheels and it goes through onto the calipers and other components behind the wheels it will deteriorate the finish in no time at all ! It will also strip the finish from wheels over time. Never allow that stuff to dry or it will mark your wheels ! The only time I would use that product is on severely soiled wheels and then I would remove the wheels from the car to clean them. If you get your wheels properly cleaned and sealed or waxed all you will need after that is soap and water.
  11. Tyres Look Squashed But Right Pressure?

    If carrying a full load and by that I imagine you mean four or five passengers then increase by 2 or so PSI. Honestly you should stick closely to the car manufacturer's specification. The tyres on your cars are the most important thing on the cars !
  12. Tyres Look Squashed But Right Pressure?

    Ignore what it says on the tyre. That is an advisory for the maximum pressure the tyre will work under on many many cars. What is vitally important is the pressure that tyre should be inflated to too suit the car its on . A manufacturer will have worked out the pressures tyres fitted to a certain model require. This will be based on many things for example the weight of the car. Its car type and suspension IE does the car have sports suspension. How fast and what loading's will be placed on the tyre on this particular car. There are many variables but trust me Ford will know exactly what they were doing. Over-inflation is dangerous ! Get into a corner to hot and you have to pull really hard on the wheel to get round and if the tyre is over inflated it can so easily lose grip ! It also cannot conform to the roads surface when the tyre walls are so hard so in this case you may end up going straight on and not make the corner ! To soft and the tyre will overheat in no time. A soft tyre will be crap to drive and wont corner anything like it it should or is capable of doing. Tyres heat up as you drive, A tyre can typically go up 4 to 6 PSI as it gets up to optimum temperature . This is taken into consideration by the manufacturers when they give the recommended COLD pressures. Remember tyres should be checked ans set while the tyres are cold. Anyone who thinks they know better should remember if they are in an accident with under or over inflated tyres could end up in very serious trouble ! 40 PSI is nearly 20% over inflated. That is plain silly ...
  13. Tyres Look Squashed But Right Pressure?

    Tyre pressures are so important. It not only gives maximum grip and contact with the road but remember the tyre also forms part of the suspension. Wrong pressures can affect how a tyre performs in cornering and heavy braking conditions and if you say get into a corner to fast the tyre cannot do its job as it should, so you really should follow the car manufacturers recommendations. Having over or under-inflated tyres is three points per corner if plod is pedantic. Sorry but 40 PSI is ridiculous !
  14. 5/20 Oil Expensive

    Daftest thread Ive read on this forum.... Money comes hard yet you will ruin your warranty ? There is a word but in the interests of forum harmony I will just whisper it to myself......
  15. Mk 7.5 Engine Warning Light, And Misfire

    Contact the Ford Customer Service department ASAP ! The dealer is obviously failing to try and keep you mobile which is ridiculous ! They should diagnose within 5 minutes by plugging the car into a code reader and diagnose that way. This should allow a car to be released to you immediately even if the dealer cant fix your car till Thursday or Friday .. Why are so many dealers !Removed! hopeless ?