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  1. auto wipers/lights failure

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help me. I've just had the windscreen replaced in my Zetec Blue 08 and now the little display panel in the instrument panel is saying auto lights/wiper failure.The headlights are now staying on all the time. Is there any way to reset this??
  2. auto wipers/lights failure

    Im not sure ?? Is there an easy way of seeing if they have??
  3. headlamp

    I have just had my Zetec Blue repaired and noticed that in the new headlight on the passenger side there is a small round silver plastic 'cover' over the bulb in the headlight.Strange thing is on the drivers side there is no cover just the bulb.Now I've noticed it it looks odd and Ive had a look at other mk6 fiestas and some have them some havent. Does anyone know what is is?? and what it does??