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  1. Happy Birthday Zion Fox!

  2. Gps Interference

    Long bump, but I have managed to resolve this issue for anyone else who might have a similar issue. The problem was entirely with the phone, and may or may not exist with other phones. If it does exist with yours, check the below, and follow instructions to fix. The issue lied with the GPS radio in the phone being partially broken for some phones, an unknown reason, and Google wasn't set out to fix it with ease. In Android versions 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 KitKat release, the GPS, and some other radio firmware are partially broken, and cannot work properly. If you have issues with your GPS, check your Android version, and if it is 4.4.3 or 4.4.4 follow below for a fix. To fix, you need to install the older radios from 4.4.2 onto the phone, overwriting the ones from 4.4.3/4.4.4. This can be done through the XDA Developer forums, which will often have good walkthroughs, but it will require you to enable USB debugging on the phone, installing the correct drivers, and using ADB (a command line program for flashing and controlling Android devices) to make it work. I fixed my issue by upgrading the phone to the Android L Developer Preview, which is unstable software, but seems to be doing me fine so far. I am experienced enough to be able to fix any issues that may arise, and it's not recommended for an everyday essential phone. I now can find ~20 satellites and fix a position from around 6-14 of them when in the car, and everything works perfectly. ~Zion
  3. The issue with that is that I wanted the process to be low profile, not having a large transformer, and then a long twirly cable running up to the phone on the right of the windscreen. The current cable layout runs up the side of the centre console, and is buried within the folds of the gate on the steering column, before it curls up to the cradle and phone. I'm thinking it's not the cable, or the adaptor that is at fault, as they work perfectly fine in other cars. I'm thinking that this particular output is lower than the previous model.
  4. Hi Ford Owners, I'm wondering if there's anyone who knows a bit more about the specifications of the 12v Cigar Lighter in the front of the new Fiesta's. My plate is '14 if that's any reference. In my mother's model before this one ('60 plate), I used a cigar to USB adapter to charge my phone while it was running satnav in the car. It was perfect, the power output to charge was more than the current discharge, so my phone always left the car at 100% charged. The adapter I use is a 12v 2.1A USB output, and the cable I use has enough bandwidth to supply my phone with the full power. In the '60 Fiesta this worked fine. (Link to adapter) http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004A7ZFO0/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The same adapter however doesn't seem to supply enough power to counter the discharge in my '14 Fiesta though. I'm wondering if they've changed its output to ~1A now due to the term change to "Accessory Socket". Does anyone have any more information, or is it safe enough for me to shove a multimeter in there to see what it's outputting? Or are there any more tips and tricks I should be looking for with the socket? Thanks, ~Zion
  5. Gps Interference

    Been and tested the device under various settings, all with Emergency Assist on. Drove to a nearby Tesco, parked up, set a destination and it calculated it in seconds as usual, but when it came to actually moving, I missed a turn or two due to the delay in the visual update. I eventually overshot my target by 3 miles, but the route navigation quickly restored and took an alternative route to the destination. Stayed at the destination for around 2 hours, and then plotted a route back home around the M25. This final routing seemed to work without issue or delay. I am going to say that I'm in such a rural place there aren't enough points to correctly triangulate my position and so the phone gets confused waiting for an update. I am planning a trip up to Manchester and Liverpool next month, and will try the system again, and let people know my findings. Thank you to everyone who replied here with ideas and suggestions. ~Zion
  6. Gps Interference

    I initially turned WiFi off to see if it was a performance issue with the phone (unlikely, since it's a Google Experience device, and the latest Nexus), but I gave it a shot. I will try it again soon with wireless on. I always have my data on, and I have noticed it flicker from 4G to HSPA and 3G and back. I am in a fairly rural part of Surrey, and so I can imagine the lack of masts around, but it shouldn't be too severe. I'll give it a few tests and report back.
  7. Gps Interference

    I can confirm after my 2 mile walk this morning that the GPS in my phone works. I have the phone's mount at the right of the windscreen, directly above the right side driver air vent (I have it pointed up to keep my phone cool during long drives). The same phone with the 2010 version of the Fiesta (with the heated windscreen) seemed to work fine, but It does make me wonder if it is the windscreen now...
  8. Gps Interference

    Greetings one and all, I recently picked up my new '14 plate Fiesta Zetec 1.0 EcoBoost last week, and have been experiencing some issues relating to GPS when in the vehicle. I'm not sure if this is purely relating to my device, or in the car, but the GPS on my phone (Nexus 5) seems to be very inaccurate or having a long delay between updates, making using it as a navigation device unreliable. I don't have the built in GPS system in the car, but it does have Emergency Assist, which uses a GPS module behind the rear view mirror to pin point my location during an accident. I am curious if someone a bit more knowledgeable knows a bit more about this GPS module, if it runs all the time, and is stealing the signals away from my phone, or if it only wakes up during an accident? I can turn Emergency Assist off through the car's menu, but I doubt it'd turn off the actual GPS module, and am wondering if a fuse would disconnect it? TL;DR: My phone's GPS is intermittent, slow, and unreliable, but only when in the car. Could the car's GPS module be causing interference, and if so, how can I disable, or use this to my advantage? Thanks in advance. ~Zion
  9. Currently noticed on a Titanium 1.4 but may be on lower models too... There's a small thin black grille in the centre console (in line with the top of the gearknob) above a small cubbyhole for change/cards, etc. What's it for? It doesn't blow air, on any setting, and seems to sit a card (licence, bankcard, etc) in nicely except for the topmost slot, which is stiff. Is that it's purpose, for holding cards, or folded bank notes, etc? (I'll post a picture in the morning if people don't know what I'm on about)
  10. After a bit of testing with my Dell Streak (5") I can confirm that bluetooth call handling works, and so does USB music. (Dell Streak running Android 2.2) You MUST put your phone into USB Storage mode BEFORE selecting the USB Auxilary. Failing to do so can render the device unreadable until engine (or radio) switchoff. Setting the device to USB Storage Mode after aux selection may cause the phone to complain about the SD card, but does not corrupt data on there. Disconnecting the phone from the USB usually fixes the problem, and in (known) 2.2+ the phone will scan and check the SD card before mounting it. Browsing directories within the SD card is as normal, using the screen for directory names and the four arrow buttons to navigate them. ALL SD card directories are accessable, but some will not display files that are not playable by the decoders (currently the decoders can read .WAV, .WMA and .MP3) I will test Audio over Bluetooth in a few minutes when I get back into the car. Bluetooth voice calling works (after programming names to numbers in the directory?). Accepting calls via the phone (slide to answer/answer button) or via the radio controls, and audio quality is fine. When playing music via USB, it will pause/volume 0 the music stream during a call, and resume/volume last after the call ends. I have not tested calling people via voice commands or via the phonebook access due to me being a first time driver (4th day after passing my test) and not being that experienced to concentrate on my phone for a bit. I may test when parked at the house. Just a bit of information for you fellow Android users. Edit: I've tried the Audio over Bluetooth today, and it workes fine. Playback is controlled by the device, and not the car though, so it's overall better to use USB. Similar situation when getting a call, the volume is muted, and the call goes through fine. The only problem i've found is that the phone calls use bit streams and audio/music use buffers, and it takes a while for the car to switch between the two (and tell your phone to do the same), which means your music will play back after the call has ended, however every 4-5 seconds there will be a 2 second gap in the sound 2-3 times while the car waits for the stream, but gets a buffer, until your phone and car are properly sync'd with the buffer size, then playback is fine.
  11. Fiesta Questions

    Thanks for your reply Tunny, Does the phone support Audio over USB, or is it just Bluetooth or Line? I've been reading other topics and they use old iPods velcroe'd under the driver seat, powered by USB and audio through Line In. I do have an old 20GB iPod Photo (4th Gen) which isn't doing anything, and still works perfectly. How easy are they to control via the interface?
  12. Fiesta Questions

    Greetings fellow Fiesta Owners! I am considering buying a new Fiesta in the next few months, and it would be really nice if I could pick at your brains a bit on a few topics relating to the car. My mother has a Titanium 1.4 on motorbility, and when she visited I got to drive it around the drive for a few minutes (just a quick 3-4 point 180 degree turn). I noticed a few things with the car which I'm highly curious about before taking a test drive with the local dealer. The first thing I noticed was that the steering was incredibly light, like, little finger full lock light. Is it like that constantly? Will driving on the motorway cause the slightest movement to cause the car to fly all over the road? In the car I took my driving test and PassPlus in (Fiat Punto 1.2) there was a 'city steering' button which made the steering similarly light, and to be honest, it was quite disgusting and uncontrolable at ~30mph. I have had some theories in my head thinking that the steering gets heavier at higher speeds (which I like to call adaptive power steering :D) but browsing through the Fiesta Owners Manual (both my mothers, and digital copies found on this forum) doesn't mention anything relating to Power Steering, other than the tank to fill the fluid with. What is the steering control like on this car? Is it constantly light, or does it get heavier the faster you go? Secondly, I've searched far and wide for images and instructions of the vehicles interiour dashboard. I will be getting the top of the range 1.6, with the Sony Stereo and Individual Red. There is a user here with the Frozen White paint and Individual Red, which I've seen a few images of, but all the other results are stock photos from Ford's websites. Are there any more images out there, or a user manual with the new stereo depicting what all the features of it are? Lastly, I will be looking to use my Android phone with this car, mainly as a SatNav using Google Navigation. Has anyone else used a similar setup, and streamed music over their phone through the system? How well does it all work? Thanks for reading, Regards, Zion
  13. Well hello there Ford Owners, I've just decided to register and see what's going on. Little backstory of myself: Just passed my driving test, and am looking into getting a new Ford Fiesta Titanium in Magenta with the Individual Red pack (and a few other things) and was wondering if there are any decent pictures around the net of the individual interior? Also, could you give little 'mini reviews' on your car, any issues you've had, or anything like that? Unfortunatly, the local Ford dealer (5 minute walk down the road :D) doesn't have any Individual pack cars to show me, so I'm depending on the internet for some decent pictures. Anyway, just thought I'd say hi and I look forward in partaking in the community. Regards, Zion Fox