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  1. PS3 or Xbox?

    Noobs!! its PC all the way for me, i do have a ps3 as well for blue ray player.wouldn't allow deathbox in the house.
  2. You dont want to know

  3. Hello Everybody

    Afternoon ladies and gents.new to this forum,havent owned a car for nigh on 15 years,been having to much fun on 2 wheels.Just bought myself a little fiesta cost minimised basic transport vehicle as i have sold all but one of the bikes and am getting a bit sick of nearly been killed on a daily basis on the bike.you know what they say if you cant beat them,join them.Cant wait for someone to pull out on me now.there gonna get a fiesta sized hole in the side of there car haha.Anyhoo used to own fords back in the day,mainly fiesta mk1 xr2 and sierra sapphires so when looking for a run about there was only one choice,but there was no vauxhalls going cheap lol only kidding would rather walk than own a vauxhall.i dont take life to seriously,you have been warned. :D