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  1. mm77

    sat nav mounting

    very happy with my new purchase Ford Focus 1.8 D estate just one small problem use a Tom Tom Go 520, screen mount but its a bit far to reach the screen, use it for handless phone calls etc Does anyone have any advice on mounting near the radio, ie within hand reach brackets that could be fitted etc
  2. My first real job was a sales rep in 1980 cause the only car then for reps was Cortinas, no one really had anything else had a Ford ever since
  3. mm77

    Credit Card Phone Scam

    get it all the time esp emails asking us for account infro I don't even have.
  4. Well had the motor over the weekend and few ordinary work days and its a great motor just what we wanted, goes well and plenty of power for the hills round here, we reckon have one of the steepest hills to climb each day 33% slope from 200ft to 600ft zig-zag up the hillside and main route for most to A55. Drives well on all roads plenty of space, sticks to corners like glue and the air con a great benefit in damp wet wales, its seems to rain all the time here.
  5. mm77

    Key fob question

    Well it was sorted out but what hassle, basiclly the dealer needed a locksmith to make a new key and chip but the one they tried couldnt visit in time. So it was arranged at a location that suited us and the garage would pay ie locksmith invoice the garage, the locksmith did'nt turn up on the first appointment so was re-arranged. When he did turn up 2 hours late it was explained the garage would pay that was agreed and key & chip done. then about hour later he rang back claiming now we owed him some money and wanted the key back as the garage won't pay him cash. Then the garage rang to explain he had created a fuss and kicked off in the garage and apolise to us if he turned up and the contract was still between the garage and the locksmith Seems in current climate no one trusts anyone any more.
  6. mm77

    Key fob question

    I've been back to the dealer they hope to sort a few minor things out by saturday
  7. mm77

    hi all

  8. hi new to forum hope this is correct place to ask general question I've purchaesd a focus 1.8 tdi cl but it has no key fob, do i neeed one for alarm etc or could i survive with just the key
  9. mm77

    just got a focus

    just purchased a focus can't drive it on the road yet as waiting for insurance cert to come, then get car tax. So bit of a general question, now I've bought the car what should I watch out for in the next few months on a 4 year old focus 1.8 tdi CL model ?
  10. mm77

    hi all

    Hi all new to this forum been lurking around this forum for some time looking for tips advice etc, anyhow just purchased a 4 year ford focus estate 1.8tdi. So hope to be around here for some time, previous cars been cortinas, serria's, & fistas and and once bought a corsa but thats gone now :o