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  1. Mystery Switch

    My sisters titanium has the switch for the parking seniors at knee level, I think the dealer fitted it so that's where the might be putting it.
  2. Mystery Switch

    If you have parking sensors on the front it's for to turn them on or off hope that helps
  3. Grinding Noise When Braking

    Hi We have replaced the pads so we will see if that makes a difference. Dougie
  4. Hi all My sister is having problems with her 2009 Fiesta Titanium brakes its a driving instructor car so its on the road all day. The disc's were replaced at 86600 miles as were the pads and just after that the grinding noise started we have replaced the calliper and still that grinding we have also had the disc's off then on and still having a noise and it worse when there hot regardless if your braking gently or hard the grinding noise is there the car has now done 94400 miles. If you have any suggestions it would be most welcome. Thanks Dougie
  5. Aux input

    Hi all trying to fit an aux mp3 to my transit, I have a ford Sony 6CD player and parrot bluetooth fitted had the CD player out and there is no room to fit the aux I have tried to put the wires into a connector that's all ready there but nothing any help or diagrams would be help full Thanks