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  1. Boot Will Not Open

    Hi Guys, I am new to this,so please bear with me. I'm going to be selling my puma soon and I have a problem with the boot. It worked fine till few months backs. You could open it from a distance and it would just shoot up,but now it wont do anything. I had opened it once or twice by leaning on the boot and pressing fob then letting go off boot, but that even stopped working. You cannot even open it with key. I'm not sure whether to reset fob and see if that works, or another option is, climb in boot and pull the large platic cover off (i have tried but one side just wont move) and check all the connections, etc as they look dirty and what i can see dont look like they are touching. When you press the fob you can hear it clicking, but then after a few attempts the clicking stops. Can anyone advise me in what to do?? thank you in advance.
  2. Hi Guys

    Hi guys. I Drive a Ford puma 1.7 Thunder on a 2002 51 plate. Im having a problem with it, and came across this site, so I thought id give it a go.