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  1. motaquip, gates, fai, gsf, skf are but a few of them, i have heard of motaquip&skf but not of the others
  2. Hello fellow members, i have been looking on various web sites including ebay for a timing belt kit including a water pump but there are lots of different brands at different prices. Can anybody recommend any please
  3. Thank you for your replys, does it cause major engine damage if the belt snaps ?
  4. Hello there fellow members I have a 2003 fusion 1.4 tdci & was wondering what the intervals are for changing the timing belt ? Also if the timing belt breaks does it cause major damage?
  5. thank you for your reply. it seems strange that they claim to increase mpg if all it does is over fuel as over fueling will give you less mpg surely ?
  6. has anybody fitted one of those basic remap chips on sale on ebay for around £12 ? they purport to increase the torque&increase the bhp by 30
  7. thanks mike for your reply,was the engine the same 1.4tdci in your fiesta & did you need the locking kit to do it ?will change the water pump if i do it as its sods law that if i dont change it that it will fail a week after !
  8. i am going to change the timming belt on my fusion 1.4tdci & i was wondering if it is a simple job or a job for a garage ? if the timming belt snaps on the fusion does it cause major engine damage like bent valves&broken pistons ?
  9. i have no dash lights on my 2002 fusion 1.4tdci,the lights that illuminate the dash¬ the warning lights.i was just wondering if anybody knows if they are on a seperate fuse so hopfully it will be just a fuse change
  10. hello there i wonder if anybody can help?i have a 2003 manual 1.4dci & for some reason it has become lumpy on tickover as though the engine wants to jump out from under the bonnet!it runs fine without any missing or anything its just rough when ticking over.thanks
  11. i have a 52 plate 1.4 petrol fusion&the bonnet catch will not open the bonnet,it feels as though if i pull the catch any harder it will break.i have tried to press on the bonnet with somebody working the catch but that was no good,any ideas please ???
  12. [thanks for the reply,i think i will disconnect the battery tonight then see if the battery is flat tomorrow morning,if its flat i then know the battery is nakerd if it is still full of charge then i must have a power drain somewhere quote name=Dan62' timestamp='1320073373' post='150697] The red immobiliser light should be flashing so no concern there. If you have a low maintenance battery check the cell fluid levels and topup with de-ionised water if necessary. The min /max marks should be on the side of the battery so you will need to remove or partially lift it from the battery box. Its probably the battery not holding its charge rather than something draining it.
  13. i have a problem with the battery on my fusion 2003 1.4tdci.when left overnight the battery drains&i am unable to start the car.i dont know if this is a coincidence but the red immobiliser light with the car with the padlock going through it seems to be flashing all the time when the ignition os off where as i dont think it was flashing before.i have a key with the buttons on it but i have never used that key i always use the key without the button for central locking etc.any ideas ????