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    Hi, i have a Fiesta 1.4Ghia with dura shift on an 03 plate, just before xmas i could'nt select neutral,stuck in reverse gear and the car would'nt start,called RAC(could'nt help)suggested a local garage,they told me it was the actuator that needed replacing,they did this and cost me best part of a £1000,the car is worth about £3000 on a good day,a few weeks later as i was coming to astop the car stalled gearbox warning light came on but gearbox stayed in neutral,would'nt start but i could push it clear,rang the garage that had done the actuator,took it away for a week and said it was the ECU and that it cost in the region of £2000 to replace and reprogram,money being very tight i declined there offer and got my car back,(they dropped it at the wrong place £150),went to the car put keys in and it started drove it home,but now it wont start,select gear etc. I am stuck with abrick on wheels, the car has about 65k on the clock and have since been told that at around the 60k miles is when the problems start !?