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  1. Ambient footwell lights

    Pm sent Spud thanks white L.E.D'S now in stock
  2. Ambient footwell lights

    Merry xmas People !!!!!!! Happy New Year To All !!!!!!!!
  3. Ambient footwell lights

    Rite ill do the 9 L.E.D'S for £16 paypal if paid for before the 26/12/2008 JUST BECAUSE IT XMAS HAPPY XMAS PEOPLE & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!
  4. Ambient footwell lights

    IMO i would fit them to the welcome lights in witch some focus's come with but i sell more to them oh want them on all the time !!!!!
  5. Ambient footwell lights

    ill sort a good price out for you my friend
  6. Ambient footwell lights

    focus footwell L.E.D'S i can only think that there is alot of dead people on this forum imo ???? no replys !!!!! ?????
  7. Ambient footwell lights

    here is a few photos of the L.E.D'S on a vauxhall forum were they are advertised aswell see what you all think ??
  8. Ambient footwell lights

    pm sent spudz cheers :D
  9. Ambient footwell lights

    http://s282.photobucket.com/albums/kk271/RickHondaR/?action=view&current=DSCF0356.flv these are next they change colour !!!!! http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk271/R...th_DSCF0356.jpg
  10. Ambient footwell lights

    dont worrie my friend iv pm'd you to
  11. Ambient footwell lights

    no worries pal ;)
  12. Ambient footwell lights

    Hi you can send it recorded post so it gets to the next day and i have to sign for it ????? or if you are local pop it round my friend ng19 or failing that and cut the asel out pay though paypal my friend wassy.vw@ntlworld.com just tell me the colour you want my friend cheers Paul :D
  13. Ambient footwell lights

    AS ABOVE HOPE THIS HELPS, Please dont compare this product for the cheap neon tubes you can buy on ebay