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  1. Happy Birthday Brayster!

  2. 2012 Zetec S. Advice Please

    I did exactly the same went from 2004 mcs to 2009 tdci zetec s to save money. I average 45mpg but I do drive,it like I've stole it. Warning tho I miss the power and the sound of the mcs. But when i get my reminder to pay £20 road tax a year I soon forget about all that!
  3. Panic over fitted it working fine .... Thx
  4. Hi guys I wondered if anyone has ever removed the front inner door panel on a fiesta mk7? (The panel that the speaker sits in) I am replacing a window that I smashed after locking my keys in the boot and can't get the second door panel off that has the window mechanism attached to it. After removing all the bolts in the black plastic panel It seems to be attached near the lock door handle ..... I haven't got the window yet so unsure if I can fit without completely removing the panel but wondered if anyone else has down this? Thx in advance OOPS Sorry just realised I spelt removal wrong! Can't seem to change it
  5. 2009 Fiesta Tdci Engine Fan Relay?

    So update been and got it and once started it seems back to normal?????? Got it on charge will go to dealers tomorrow
  6. Hi guys, last night I parked my car and thought it was odd the cooling fan was going mental after I turned the engine off. Returned to the car after a trip to cinema and guess what flat battery - I'm off to town to try and jump start it in a mo. but doing a bit of research seem to think it might be a busted relay. Anyone had this before? If so anyone know which relay it is? Thought I might need to take it out (or the fuse) so the battery has a chance of charging enough to get the car started.
  7. Carbon Wrapping Boot Lid Handle

    Hi looks good ive done mine too and had to take the handle off... I did the mirrors too but wasnt sure so took them off again - goodluck though there hard!
  8. Help With Fitting Door Speakers

    If the door panels are anything like the rear panels - then undo the screws and pull- hard
  9. Poor Build Quality

    yep i used ro have a bmw mini and its a world apart in terms of quality. Tato how things change - I mentioned the poor build quality and thin metal on door panels - before u took delivery of yours and u got all defensive.. Now u see my troubles - :-)
  10. Show Us Your Rear...

    I got it from eBay - just type 3d carbon twas my first effort to fit and if I'm honest it needs doing again
  11. Show Us Your Rear...

    Crappy iPhone pic of mine with CF vinyl
  12. Mk7 Zetec S 1.6Tdi - Bizarre Problem

    Hi guys - interestingly my zs tdci does this too - goes into limp mode now and then. So i turn it off and turn it back on agin and presto its fine . i might try the filters as ive done 19k now.
  13. Hi guys the day I bought my car i noticed water marks on the paint work but stupidly thought nothing of it ... I washed it repeately but they remained. Sorry for crappy iphone pic cant get it to focus properly On examination i realised they looked like limescale deposits...and researched teh net to discover the world of water marks. I hand waxed and polished it with numerous vinegars and cutting polishes but no avail and was told machining polishing was the only chance now. So rather than pay for it to be done poorly I went on a machine polishing course and yesterday did the bonnet... looks really great and brill news it removed the white water marks but ........it has left tiny craters in the paint. I dont have a paint thickness gauage so didnt want to go crazy on the machining but they look pretty deep - anyone had this problem or know how thick panther black paint is typically?
  14. Front suspension problems - MK7

    hi guys old thread i know but does anyone know if any more came of this? I have a similar issue at the moment where the car rattles over small bumps in teh road and clunks over speed humps and vibrates really bad in reverse if the car is full/heavy or I reverse quickly. Ford have said yes we can hear them both but we don't waht it is - come back if it gets worse and that all fiesta's do this?
  15. Steering Wheel Plastics

    I have managed to secure a mk7 wing mirror cap for 99p on fleabay - am gonna wrap it in the same carbon wrap... has anyone got/done carbopn wing mirrors on a mk7 black fiesta?? Wondering if it is worth it or I might paint it a few different colours to see what i like..