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  1. smax official trouble topic

    We purchased our S-Max from Ford Direct in April 2010 (car registered November 2009). Not sure if anyone will have had similar issues to the one we have experienced, but recently our Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) decided to throw a wobbly. Cut to the chase - all four tyre pressure sensors need to be replaced because they are cracked! Also the nuts that hold the valves in place had corroded. I asked what could have caused the corrosion within such a short space of time, and the local Ford mechanic believes it to be a manufacturing fault, and has placed a 'Global Concern Report' with Ford. Ford have apparently said that although they normally only guarantee things like valves for 12 months, in our case, they will replace the whole lot free of charge. Would be interested to know if there are other people with similar problems with the pressure sensor valves corroding/cracking because for a car that's only 14 months old it just shouldn't happen. As a side issue, the wheel alignment needs doing - curse these potholes!