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  1. think it might been known as boucing throttle
  2. Hi guys does anyone know what might be causing an where the speedo dial moves up and down during idle?
  3. No way arent they supposed to be the leading ford reseller in the uk?
  4. THanks for the info guys I will advise him to go back to the truat ford where he bought it from, and speak to one of the managers so it can be fixed under warranty!
  5. Hi Mate someone I know said he suspects his turbo is gone or going he said he enquired with Ford and apparently they said turbo failure is not covered under warranty
  6. Hi Guys anyone know how much it would roughly cost to replace a fiesta mk 8 st line turbo?
  7. I take it that issue only applies to the tdci model?
  8. sorry mate I meant to say did you have the mk 7 lol?
  9. thanks bud! which means my cooling fan is working!
  10. st line all day! looks alot better also!