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  1. I take it that issue only applies to the tdci model?
  2. sorry mate I meant to say did you have the mk 7 lol?
  3. thanks bud! which means my cooling fan is working!
  4. st line all day! looks alot better also!
  5. im wondering if the fiesta mk 7 has has fans, one for the air and one for cooling the engine or are they intergated into one? the reason I ask went I but the air on the big black fan turns on so if this is this the fan that also cools the engline?
  6. your cooling fan wasnt working? what were the signs to sugguest it wasnt?
  7. Do you suspect yours might not be working ?
  8. Thanks mate will look into the scanner and I don't think mine has a temperature gauge inside pics attached. There was a day where I could feel the heat by touching the bonnet plus could smell like a burning smell?
  9. HI luke its hard to say as the mk 7 only has an external tempeture gauge but hot where if you keep your hand on it you definately feel it! The reason i asked was beacsue I thought maybe the cooling fan has failed but when i put the air con on that fan in the first pic did spin then turn of eventaully when the air con is switched off
  10. Hi guys I have noticed the engine getting really hot after journey just wondering if that is the fan in the first pic and is the cooling fan supposed to come on when you put the air con on?
  11. hmm really surpised at how early mk 8s seem to develop rattles etc I have a mk7 and I dont think it develop them till like 70,000 miles!