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  1. It was spotted during an MOT. It's had the degas recall years ago. Not sure how it was spotted other than low coolant but I'll find out later.
  2. There's been no indication of overheating on the dash readout, there was coolant left in the tank but another couple of days and it would probably have been empty.
  3. Hi, I'm asking this on behalf of a relative. The head gasket has gone on a MK3 1.0 ecoboost, roughly what is involved to replace it? How long would a garage take to replace it? Would they need to do anything extreme such as remove the engine? Cheers
  4. We've been having trouble with 2 cars, recently the signal drop outs have increased on both despite no major changes to the surrounding area. It's frustrating but 2 different makes having the same issue means it's something we can't fix.
  5. No idea, mine hasn't done it yet, instead my 3rd and reverse won't disengage. I'd be tempted to push for some goodwill from Ford with it being a known issue and 4 years old. No harm in trying.
  6. Synchros have gone. This is a known issue on the 5 speed gearbox and the 140ps engine. Take it to ford and explain the problem and that you know this is a common issue affecting this car. A search on the forums will show you there's a few posts like this.
  7. According to ETIS I'm out of luck. Mountune have confirmed they've not done anything, maybe it's just faster than I was expecting... I'll get it booked in for a check anyway for peace of mind, thanks for the info @Baild 🙂
  8. Cheers chief, I'm not getting mine til the end of the month but first port of call will be finding out the ECU state. Just had a quick thought, would an obd reader be able to provide this info?
  9. Test drove a fiesta ST and it just felt a bit severe and raw. The wheels were scrabbling around in third and on the lift off to change to 4th it threw you forward. Car wasn't advertised as being remapped but had the sticky marks of what looked like a mountune shaped badge. Test drove a car advertised as having the mp215 and it was still fast but less aggressive.
  10. Any ford techies out there know how hard it would be to find out if a remap has been applied to a car and what sort of effort is needed to revert back to a standard map if one is detected?
  11. Car I've been looking at seems to have the outline of a mountune badge and test driving it it was quite savage under full throttle. Was definitely more powerful than a regular ST if a little ragged in delivery. Any had a dealer restore the stock tune?
  12. Nice and simple one; How would you go about removing a remap on a car?
  13. Looking at a 5 year old race red fiesta, the bonnet has a dozen or so stone chips on it, around about 2-3mm. How hard will it be for a body shop to repair it and blend in the paint? Or it something that's never going to look right?
  14. I will be possibly today but definitely before the weekend. I've not had any problems, you'll get more benefit with a remap is the engine can be tuned to make better use of the increased airflow
  15. It'll be on if you turn it off or if you somehow force it to kick in when driving hard, not sure if it's on if there is a fault.