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  1. I will be possibly today but definitely before the weekend. I've not had any problems, you'll get more benefit with a remap is the engine can be tuned to make better use of the increased airflow
  2. It'll be on if you turn it off or if you somehow force it to kick in when driving hard, not sure if it's on if there is a fault.
  3. I have both at the mo and will be trading in the 1.0 ecoboost shortly so could be tempted to part with them early... 😇 They do make a small difference, you can feel the torque coming in a little earlier but you'll need a remap to get the full benefit.
  4. Probably going to be looking at a 2014 ST this weekend, it's got near enough 60,000 miles on it. What things should I be looking out for as potential issues? Any major items need changing at particular intervals? Thanks in advance
  5. I've started acquiring parts to do this. What type of hose did you use and where did you place the inlet end? I was planning on aiming towards the lower grille.
  6. Yeah I'm going to get a remap on mine before long. Slight improvement in low down torque and high end pull but a remap will let an engine make better use of what's available.
  7. I've got SD primary and secondary hoses and a DNA cross over pipe. The hoses were second hand are still fine. The crossover pipe hasn't been great, the fittings at the rear had to be bodged to fit and the right hand bracket snapped off. Still works but I've spent a fair bit of time making it work. Can't complain for £105 all in though. Also DNA seem to have vanished.
  8. Cheers, have considered this as would be easier in the long run
  9. So after taking my car to a "reputable dealer" and it coming back with a nice pair of third hand alloy centre caps (allegations denied) I've tried to replace. From what I understand the St-line 17" alloys should have 54mm caps, the ones I got had the same part number on the back but when I fit them they just drop out. It is definitely a 54mm cap needed and I'm not going mad?
  10. My dad's got a pfl MK3, just got an issue with the air con condenser failing but other than that it's been the usual door seals falling off and every day wear and tear. I think I'll have to try them both
  11. I find the pfl looks better than the FL, maybe I'm weird. Fiesta ST has always been the dream but practicality is important too. Then there's the issue of reliability; both have solid engines so is getting an older focus really an issue?
  12. Looking for some quick recommendations and opinions on whether to go for a 15/65 Fiesta ST or a 62/13 Focus ST? Coming from a 17 St-line 140ps and looking for something funner and sportierer as a daily driver and country road blaster. Cheers
  13. Looks like it's the correct harder version of the pipe. It's the one that runs into the top half of the bottle/tank at the very top left of the engine bay
  14. Cheers chaps. I knew about the coolant issue, so just the regular checks. Any worries with high mileage ones or ones that have low mileage for their age?
  15. What sort of things should be looked out for when buying 1 second hand? Probably looking at something 15-66 plate.