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  1. sioneon

    Washer Jet Upgrade - Seriously - Don't Bother!

    I'm pretty certain ever washer jet ever and yet to be invented will always leave dribble and spray, every car I've had has done it
  2. sioneon

    Talk me out of a remap

    I have the money available for a remap, the Revo looks good, very good. I have the 140ps ecoboost and no sign of any gearbox issues despite my wife also driving it (not sexist, just a comment on her driving style). Tell me why I shouldn't do it and why it's silly
  3. sioneon

    Tyre pressures 205 /40/17

    34 front and 32 rear as the car often has baby stuff loading the boot up. Grip is still good and ride isn't any different when the car has just me in it. Tyre wear seems good with this setup too. Got 4.2mm left on all corners after 18000 miles
  4. sioneon

    Should I go for 1.0 EB?

    Yaris 1.33 is a good car. Only 100bhp but has the bonus of a 6th gear and 4 cylinders. Not sure what the 1.5 is like
  5. sioneon

    Should I go for 1.0 EB?

    Wonder if Watchdog will get on their case again then. That's pretty weak to have turned the decision like that and so soon.
  6. sioneon

    Should I go for 1.0 EB?

    Had aygos and got a 108 with a 3cyl lump as well as a 140 1.0 fiesta. Engines are totally different. One is frugal but runs on a spin cycle and the other is epic. Aren't all ecoboosts now covered in case of coolant leak now anyway? Ford said they would cover the cost of any repairs with coolant loss engine failure?
  7. Never had any bother warranty claims here either plus it's a free car wash too
  8. sioneon

    So this happened on the way to work ....

    Damn, glad to hear you're ok. If the aches start to kick in try and keep moving otherwise they'll seize up
  9. sioneon

    2013 Zetec 1.25

    My 2p, the ecoboost may go pop but so may a 1.25. the ecoboost pulls from low revs whereas the 1.25 needs to be doing 3-4000 to start pulling properly. I've had both, I'll keep my ecoboost
  10. sioneon

    What is this unused stud?

    I was wondering this the other day, I took a guess and thought it was a sensor that was used in the Mk7 version of the airbox as I remember one being tucked into a little nook around there
  11. sioneon

    Honeycomb Grille on normal Zetec?

    All grilles are interchangeable on the boggo standard and zetec s/st-line. I've got a mix of the 2 types on mine
  12. sioneon

    ST Line 125 engine revs with gearchange

    The 3 cylinder hangs onto it's revs, I've had it at 5000rpm in 3rd and had to wait 2 or 3 seconds before I could put it into 5th at sensible revs. That's just the engine, specifically it's part of it being a 3 cylinder. If you're going hard revs through the gears you won't notice the issue. You'll get used to it. Never had it increase revs when changing gear, that part sounds dodgy and dangerous
  13. sioneon

    Worth Upgrading to the New Fiesta?

    When I look at the mk8 I do sometimes regret not waiting for a few months, not that I would have got as good a deal and been able to afford it anyway. But I just don't see enough of a jump between the mk7.5 and mk8, they look similar, same engines but different gearbox, the screen is modern but I've had a car with a big screen and they're just a nuisance. If there was a 150ps mk8 that would have been where the temptation was. If there was a leap in technology and design and drivetrain then of probably be regretting it more but on appearance I keep seeing it as a mk7.75 rather than a new car. The new focus is a brand new car and is coming with hybrid options later, that is will be where I look next time.
  14. sioneon

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    They never look flaky or damaged in the pictures, just cheap and nasty. Got the fez in to have s squeaky seat fixed so I'll ask about it then, I'll post their answer in here.
  15. sioneon

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Quick question, I have no rust on the 2 pipes but is the part they connect to meant to be rusted/of rough finish? In the pics in the thread it seems everyone's is but I'm sure it didn't look like that when it was new.