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  1. sioneon

    ABS and Revs.. Again

    I would be straight on the phone to them getting it looked at ABS shouldn't let you skid on dry and clear roads and the car revving itself sounds like an accident waiting to happen
  2. sioneon

    Impressive MK8 1.0 EcoBoost 140 MPG

    Depends where in the north you go, if you're journey finished up a hill when it started at sea level you'll lose. Was meant tongue in cheek but I'm running with this idea now 🙂
  3. sioneon

    Impressive MK8 1.0 EcoBoost 140 MPG

    It's because the north is up a hill compared to the south
  4. sioneon

    Class action for Ecoboost failures

    How many people have been affected by this? And how many specifically by the de-gas hose issue?
  5. sioneon

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost Fiesta purchase.

    I don't have a video but they do sound rough and rattley
  6. sioneon

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost Fiesta purchase.

    The coolant issue affected the focus which had a hard plastic pipe, no major issues with fiestas and coolant
  7. sioneon

    New MK8 ST-Line 140 Throttle Buzzing Noise

    The ecoboost is a very ticky engine but I've never heard it in the cabin of my mk7.5, only with the bonnet open
  8. sioneon

    Engine vibration

    Yeah it's hard to get uesd to. Flooring it in third and getting up to 60 you have to wait a few seconds before you put it into 5th, even going into 4th before 5th makes a little hop
  9. sioneon

    ST factor

    Got my 140 st-line and does the job of being a family car and fun to drive car when it takes your fancy. No downsides but just lacks that extra % which also causes higher running costs and too firm suspension. I might get a mk9 st though, that's aboit a decade away though
  10. sioneon

    ST factor

    Be careful calling your st-line an st, very different things with the st-line just being the new name for the zetec s
  11. sioneon

    Low mpg on my 2017 EcoBoost Fiesta

    Economical when accelerating slowly but as soon as you give it a hint of the beans the turbo will destroy your mpg. Everyone says it but it's true, pick the eco or the boost, you can't have both at the same time
  12. sioneon

    Catch Cans, good or bad or unnecessary?

    Cheers for the replies so far. Are these tricky to install?
  13. Running a mk7.5 ecoboost, is a catch can a good thing to have? The new mk8 ST has dual injection to clean off the engine of oil gunk so I'm thinking having something to remove the oil vapours would be a decent thing to have. If they are good, any recommendations?
  14. sioneon

    EcoBoost 140ps performace

    I'd be careful blasting it in 2nd gear, bluefin removes a torque limiter in 2nd gear which, when you drive hard often, can cause synchro problems to occur. They're well documented on here, tell tale sign is gears not wanting to go in.
  15. sioneon

    Deep impact blue

    Seems like they're the only ones being sold around here. Black doesn't look good, doesn't show the lower grille well. Red and white look good, turquoise is nasty