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  1. Blue suede Samba's but that's what I wear 99.9% of my shoe wearing time
  2. You soon get used to the half second hesitation before you get the power, it just becomes second nature to anticipate it or ease the throttle slightly as the boost builds. The torque will be the big difference, you're economy will be similar or marginally better. Oh and "psshhh", leave the window open and feel like a 17 year old when you change up a gear.
  3. Cheap Chinese plastic beading. Thought it would be more scrap resistant than a vinyl strip (it is). I got a hard plastic with peel off sticky on the back for around £5 for 2m
  4. Not sure which one does it but one of TRC or Maxton will let you play for a painted stripe on the splitter. It's an expensive extra though so I just made a DIY stripe. Standard splitters from both come in black.
  5. The coolant will bubble up in the tank after driving it, definitely very normal and nothing to worry about. Freaked me out the first time I spotted it If you're temperature gauge goes through the roof then panic
  6. sioneon


    This post is a swing and a miss?
  7. When I got one done a few years back there was just enough spare in the existing hose and wiring to make the connection, is there any play in the hose and wire to make it reach?
  8. Having said all this blazing past said Knackered Corsa's in a 5 door tends to produce some interesting faces
  9. Still lots of Corsa's round here but also lots of Skoda's too. Could be that there is a vauxhall garage in this town and that's about it. Yeah I like to mod too but I know what it is and I don't want my car sounding like a farting hippo at every speed, I'd get a headache
  10. Is there any benefit to getting the silicon boot hoses for the 1.0 ecoboost? I've fitted them for the intake hoses and there is definitely a change in terms of power delivery (much to my surprise) but really not sure how much difference the boost hoses would make. Anyone got these and noticed a change or have a Dyno graph when running upgraded hoses all round?
  11. They were definitely starting to come together this series but they're been ripped up and starting again already. Fiesta ST bit was good but the looks still put me off wanting one
  12. So is it possible to get the synchros uprated or strengthened?
  13. Bronze is a good shout, what about a gunmetal with flake in it?
  14. Has anyone ever uprated the IB5 gearbox to properly handle the ecoboost power outputs? Seems a waste of time having limited power in 1st/2nd if some sturdier internals would allow you to properly push the engine in every gear. Also, anyone know what torque the new 6 speed gearbox is rated for?
  15. 4mm all round with the front/rears swapped after 1st year. I do like to corner quite fast, preserve the momentum and save some fuel. Ideally want to keep the tread above 3mm so planning ahead now. I have another car which has managed 40k miles on a set of tyres but it's got no power or grip.