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  1. Footwell water

    I am in Army in Germany,so it's still a RHD. Haven't got Aircon,so not the problem. Thanks for suggestion though!
  2. Footwell water

    I am having problems with the driver side footwell filling with water, when it rains. I have lifted carpet and dried area out, but can't see any obvious signs of where water is coming from (apart from sky!!). Any ideas???????
  3. Rear fog light

    Bulb is there on the left hand side, but according to wiring diagram there is not a wire going in for fog light. May well have to look at splicing across. Cheers
  4. Rear fog light

    Have moved to Germany, with a RHD 97 fiesta. Need rear fog light on left to be working to pass MOT. From what i can gather only Right hand rear fog is connected. Any ideas how to get left one to work, or do i need to fit an independent light?
  5. spark plug

    I have just bought a 1997 1.3lx Fiesta. I am travelling to Germany next week and have decided to do service before i go. Haven't got a manual yet, so can somebody help me with the spark pug gaps?