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  1. Speedo Droping To Zero

    Hmmmm not as easy to WD40 as i thought it might be, seems to be some sort of silver tape 2 inches above the top of the sensor, can a remove this tape ?? nigel
  2. Speedo Droping To Zero

    WOW just the god dam ticket, better than id hoped for, i can print this off now, leave my friend digest it for a day or two (while soaking the area in WD40 as well) and see if we can have another go at it, Brilliant, cant thank you enough, as does my wallet. Will keep you updated. thanks again, nigel
  3. Speedo Droping To Zero

    Thanks for the info though its not the pin itself thats snapped but the clip. As it looks, theres nothing left now to grab hold of to remove the pin. With the best will in the world, my mate cant tie up his ramp just for me to figure out a way let alone the time it would take to actually get it out, Thats why i was hoping someone on the forum has successfully removed the pin and explain in detail how they did it (without dropping the gearbox and drilling out). i live in hope as its running like a pig somtimes, and im dam sure my fuels gone up by £10 a week just on the school run. nigel
  4. Speedo Droping To Zero

  5. Speedo Droping To Zero

    Arrrrrgh.... Ok, My mate got it up on the lift, havin had a look past the battery first and deciding puttin it on the lift was easier... BUT he noted that there was part of the exhast in the way, the maff sensor and a strut of some kind. (soz reapeating this from memory. Any way, he started to pull at the pin with a right angle end pliers on after a few mommnets ONE end of the pin AND NO PIN. Basically whats left is the center of the fixing of the bit that looks like the end on a pen clip. Does anyone have any idea what to do now, drilling it out doesnt seem an option even if it was more accesible. Heeeeelp ! nigel (basically the job stumped for the sake of a 1.50 pin, so much for having a new one ready !
  6. Speedo Droping To Zero

    Thanks, looks like a ramp or lift job then. Cant say i was fussed on trying to get the battery box out only to find half a dozen other things in the way. nigel
  7. Speedo Droping To Zero

  8. Speedo Droping To Zero

    Hi Guys, yup its been a while but ive been off my feet for some time. Ive been waiting for a mate to fit the new VSS but hes busy as hell so i thought id ask if its somthing i can have a go at my self. Ive read it can be accessed under the battery tray BUT can it be replaced this way or just seen. If so, how difficult is it to remove the tray/box, tried looking it up and drew a blank. OR should i wait till mate can get car on a lift. Ive also got a new pin ready just in case, local dealer actually cheaper than ebay for the pin, by a whole 2 pence LOL thanks nigel
  9. Speedo Droping To Zero

    Thanks lads, So it ooks like a new VSS, £22.ish off ebay as theres not one on auction at the mo (just my luck). Didnt want to splash out on one only to find out it may have been somthing else, but your experience and advice has been a great help. Will post again when job done. Thanks again. Nigel
  10. Speedo Droping To Zero

    Hi all, looking for some clearer carification on a Speedo problem i think ive dianoised myself. As the topic suggests my speedo drops intermitantly to zero, Ha i thought, the "VSS" on the gearbox. Has a MOT chap take a quick look at that and he said, visualy it looked fine, wel not loose at any rate. However, reasearching the prob further, ive come across some things id like to clarify. My Mk 6 1.3 does not have ABS so how does this affect diagnoisis ? As well as speedo drop off, the odometer also stops. I think ive read that this may not mean its the VSS. (kepps the mieage down though LOL) Is the a wheel sensor on a non ABS ?? Or could it just have electronically failed.(vss i mean) How do i carry out this test (thanks to digidan) http://www.fordowner...or/#entry127799 While this is stil at fault, ive read it can slightly affect fuel consumption as it appears that the rev counter rises, not really an issue but over an extended period could add up running costs. Sorry to start a new thread but dont want to hijack somones eleses headaches. Thanks nigel
  11. Rear Brake Squealing

    Hi all, first off Fiesta is a Mk6 1.3 on a 52 plate. It looks like i need new rear brakes, the hand brake now barley holds on a hill (last knotch on lever) and theres intermitent squeeling from the drums. However, ive been told that there could be 3 or 4 different types of shoes/pads ??? used on this year, and if its got ABS will make a difference. First off can anyone help identify exactly wether I have ABS, (no light for it on dash) Exactly what pads/shoes i need, a part number would be fantastic. As im away from home at the mo, ill have to send wife to wherever(part stockist,Motor Factor EBAY ??) and arrange fit by phone so i dont want any hicups with the wrong set of whatever i need. Does the chassis/Reg number nail it down any further ? Thanks in advance. Nigel
  12. Fiesta Lx Clutch Pedal

    Hi Dan, your probably right. Had a mate take a look at the car last night and he can find nothing wrong with it at all, even the crunch pedal seems to have gone. He thinks the clutch fluid may have boiled by a combination of quite a long steep hill climb followed by constant breaking down the other side. He seems to think Ford messed up by using the same fluid sourse for clutch and brakes. He used the term vapour which suddenly caused the clutch pedal to hit the floor, and seeing as it returned to normal quite quickly confirms this. Not a nice event for the wife as the hill she was coming down must be at least a 30 degree gradient (welsh valleys). what do you think ? nigel
  13. Fiesta Lx Clutch Pedal

    Thanks Min, didnt need that news before easter hols. Any idea where i might get what ever part i need "cheaply", or the name of the part so i can look it up. nigel
  14. Fiesta Lx Clutch Pedal

    Hi, my first post so sorry if in wrong section. Have had a 52 Fiesta Lx 1.3 for two months now, and throughout, ive been noticing that the clutch pedal seemed a bit "knotchy" when depressing. This seemed to go after several miles, and didnt appear at all once the weather warmed up. My mate said probably cold piston behind the pedal. So ive more or less ignored it till the wife was driving down some steep hills and her foot just hit the floor when the clutch was pressed. Almost rang AA but after she had coasted to a safe place, she automaticly went to change gear without thinking, and, low and behold, the clutch work as normal (even without any "knotchyness". So successfully drove some 8 miles without a problem BUT there must be something up. Any ideas. Thanks nigel
  15. Hi All

    Hi all, im Nigel and i bought a 52 Fieats lx 2 months ago, BUT, see my first post.