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  1. Has The Weather Affected Anyone On Here

    Must of lost 10 rollies
  2. How Is The Internet Changing Owners Clubs?

    What ever you own a forum specific to that is vital in my opinion,no one knows the ups and downs of ownership more than owners themselves generic forums still have there place, i tend to look at it like this owners forums = your local pub,everyone know everyone generic forums = the bar you meet your mates on a Friday night,yes its a nice place to be but you limited to who you can talk to forum apps = well they are just another comunication tool take it or leave it
  3. How Is The Internet Changing Owners Clubs?

    so having never attended a car meet is it a big problem with the police,I am more into motorbikes myself and attend lots of biker meets and have never been asked to move on As for online forums i love them,what ever your problem is from vehicles to i've stubbed my big toe there is a answer on line I belong to about 10 online forums some of which i have been on for over 10 years the best thing about forums apart from knowledge is i have met lots of new friends which i believe would not have happened if the internet hadnt arrived
  4. Same here,however if the cars to low then use the car jack to lift enough to get the trolly under,oh and never ever rely on the jack alone,always use axel stands
  5. I Just Cant Put It Down

    Absolutly hilairious just shared some of the comments with the mrs and she is on floor crying I mean come on is it really that bad to wait a few minutes whilst the mrs nips for a pee
  6. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Artscott79 has covered what i was going to say the only other thing is they rust like hell
  7. Once you start it's deciding when to when to stop,i started to treat a few small bubbles on the rear arch and by the time i finished i had to replace the whole cill
  8. Focus Wishbone

    try welding another nut onto the bolt head,the heat should also help with the removal too
  9. Time To Say Goodbye!

    what !!! you have to wait best part of six months,i'm sorry but i would have walked straight out of the show room,
  10. Boot Lining Ruined...

    Sorry but am i missing something,i have just searched 2009 focus boot carpet on Ebay and there is a page of them priced quite reasonably too http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.X2009+ford+focus+boot+carpet&_nkw=2009+ford+focus+boot+carpet&_sacat=0&_from=R40
  11. Oil Change

    tian is made by Fuchs so i wouldnt say it was unbranded slop,all oils sold in the uk will have the API logo, It will just be a supply deal with fords next year it might be some other brand depends on how long the contrat is for people get hung up on brand loyalty and pay a premium for the name I wouldnt hesitate to use Fuchs oil in my vehicles
  12. Acetone

    Cheers guys,did dome googling last night and it looks like its good for cleaning paint brushes so dont have to buy any thinners for a while :D I darnt put it near the mrs after the last time, She has this habit of everything has to be given a sniff before she uses it,i mixed a solution of caustic soda to remove some anodising and she picked it up and sniffed it made her really ill for 24 hrs :(
  13. Polish????? Help

    what an open question,its like how long is a peice of string,100's of polishes on the market first question i would ask myself is what do i want to acheive total paint protection or a nice shine for a weekend drive,if its the latter then good old Auto Glym Super Resin polish works really well if your going for protection/defect correction then i hope you have a deep wallet
  14. Acetone

    thats fair enough mate,i bought a 5 litre can a while back and have just run out but i have a 5 litre tub of Acetone and thought maybe it would work so if not brake cleaner what other automotive use could it be good for then,just seems a shame having it sat there doing nothing
  15. Acetone

    Can acetone be used as a brake cleaner ??