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    Mk4 Mondeo Ti X Thread

    Looks great mate. I sold on my Mk4 58 Mondeo Zetec last month and bought a 1.3 Astra J 61 Sports Tourer Estate. To say I miss the mondy is an understatement! I had the Mk4 for over a year, during which it was used as a PH taxi - 77k miles on and no problems bar the odd fuel filter :D Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Stogies

    Bailes' Mk4 Mondeo

    Hey bud, nice MK4 :) are you from the TalkFord forum?
  3. Stogies

    Be Aware Good People Out There !

    There was one I saw today, a letter issued by the apparent Chubb Security company. It was instructing folk NOT to give a courtesy flash to cars with no lights on in the night. Their reasoning being that the car with no lights on was loaded with gang members, apparently it is a gang initiation whereby they target the first person to flash them. Facey..
  4. Stogies

    Sharing My Anger !!

    It's a pain in the backside when you put a lot of effort, money and pride in to your car only to have some idiot ruin it. I had, what I can only assume, a small stone thrown at my car on mischief night as I was driving past a park. Thankfully it missed the window, but left a horrible dent above the rear wheel arch. Needless to say I fume every time I look at it lol
  5. I have had 4 Astra Estates (07+), found them to be very compact and timid. The front section used to do my head in, barely any room and both driver and passenger seat were on top of one another. I like my space and I like an arm rest. Have also spent time in a '07 Vectra, space was the only pro for me. The nail in the coffin was when crossing a busy junction in rush hour, with customers, the steering wheel locked and caused me to mount a kerb. It only had 60thou on the clock and was regularly serviced. Funnily enough this evening I had a run in with a young lad in a new shape Corsa. When entering the tunnel he flew up my backside, then he would repeatedly drop off and fly up behind me again. After I shown him my break lights, he undertook and decided to do it to a tranny van, only this time revving his engine to show off his loud exhaust. Needless to say I gave him a w***** hand gesture at the toll.
  6. Stogies

    Rant About The Useless Beggers On The Road!!!

    I use a cheap one from eBay, cost me £19. The sound quality isn't great, which is a let down as I predominantly use it to record what's going on within the car. When it was snowing last year, I kept it facing outwards for obvious reason. Recognising VRMs is quite difficult at a distance. However, the night vision is better than I expected. My girlfriend works in a tech store, so she got me a few SD cards with decent GBs on them. After each shift I let it record over old footage, but if you keep the lapse on a 5minute record, the FPS is better in comparison to a 15minute lapse. If anything takes place in the car, I take the SD card out, put my spare one in the camera and when I get a chance I copy the incident/funny stuff to the laptop. Unfortunately, like everything, it comes down to £ but I've heard nothing but good regarding these: If you're a big spender, the guy I rented cars off had these fitted to every car. I don't know how, but they worked it so that when reviewing footage, it would track your position on a map.
  7. Stogies

    Saturday Night Joys

    I've owned my Mondeo 11 month's and last night it finally popped its cherry: I was more surprised by how calm and quiet the lad was about it. 'By the way I've thrown up down the side of the car' Usually you hear them grunt, complain and sometimes cry. Unfortunately he left some undesirable chunks inside too. Needless to say I can't wait to find a new job.. :p
  8. Hey, Just looking for some advice on a very annoying problem I'm having. Firstly, the car is a Ford Mondeo 1.8 '58 plate Zetec Diesel with 69k on the clock, which I use as a Taxi. Whenever I give the car a bit of a kick, roundabouts, junctions etc the car will feel as if a parachute has opened up from the back. The motion is of that when you're on the verge of running out of fuel. It will only do this when the car's been on the road for a good few hours. There's no smoke blowing and only once has the engine management light come on, when restarting the engine it didn't come on. Tonight's the worst it's ever been, joining the motorway otw to Manchester the car was struggling to move! I was a nervous reck coming off slip roads. Anyway, I've been to one garage (my old cab firms, which usually has a good rep) who charged me £50 to have it on their computer and road tested. No problems found, however the car was sat in their yard for 4hours before they looked at it. I tried explaining to them it only happens when it's been driven for a good few hours, 'oh' was their response. Second garage (owned by my new cab fleet) believes the manifold has collected a lot of crap, valve too and has quoted me £250 for it to be cleaned out. I'm not the best when it comes to mechanics, I'd appreciate folks feedback on this before I go with second garage's opinion. Cheers for reading
  9. Stogies

    Saturday Night Joys

    Yeah, £30. Had to argue to get it though. :/
  10. Appreciate the information received here. I had the car serviced on Thursday (over due by a few hundred miles embarrassingly) and had new filters fitted. Saturday night I done a 15hour shift, predominantly based in the city and had no apparent issues. I even struck luck with one out of town job and had no issues on the motorway unlike last week whereby I was struggling. Hopefully this is the end to that problem, but shall bare all other advice in mind should it reservice! Cheers
  11. Stogies

    Funny Ebay Listings

    Ford Ka
  12. Cheers, for the emission test is that done via the plugin computer? Do you reckon this can lead to more major problems? I've been assured a head gasket can be quite expensive (ultimately putting me off the road). Edit: In addition to this, when using the blowers on full primarily both front and back demisters, the car will lack power whilst pulling off :s
  13. Stogies

    Cree Torch

    I'm more of a Maglite man, never had any issues with the mini or Police-baton type issued ones!
  14. Stogies

    Dmb Ford Gel Badge Overlays?

    Yeah, I went in a different route too and purchased the Batman Gel's. I get a lot of looks from passers by, have had a few people take pics and a few tips from customers. :)
  15. 2009: '04 Citroen Xsara Picasso Once I saw this car I had to buy it, always liked the size of them! I was 19 at the time and got a lot of stick from colleagues :p 2011: '57 Ford Focus 5dr Ghia Loved it, but lost my job at the time so had to sell it on for a diesel. 2012 (now): '58 Ford Mondeo Zetec
  16. Hey, Been doing a bit of research on fuel additives and was just looking for some folks experience with it. As of two months ago I consistently fill up with Shell vPower or BP. Definitely better than supermarkets! I am glad to say I've noticed a difference in a positive respect. I'm driving a 1.8 Mondeo Zetec, unfortunately a cab, so a lot of my driving is city based. If there's a chance of me gaining on performance/mpg then I'm all for it. Millers or BG244 seem to be ringing out, I can't say I've ever done this before so experience/feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Stogies

    Mk4 Mondeo Gaiter

    Done. Thanks buddy :)
  18. Hey Just bought a leather white stitch gaiter for the mondy, my original is slightly ripped. Ive been scouring the web for hours but no luck, can some kind soul shed some light on the removal and fitment of this? So far I've managed to remove the actual knob/gaiter from the car, I just can't get the leather off the equipment! Cheers folks
  19. Stogies

    Mk4 Mondeo Gaiter

    Hey, I took these if it helps: Can take a different one if required? Cheers
  20. Stogies

    Rear Window Sticker/vinyl

    Cheers guys, have just sent an email :) fingers crossed!
  21. Stogies

    Rear Window Sticker/vinyl

    Hey, Bit of a random question, but does anyone happen to know of any companies/sellers willing to put together one individual vinyl/sticker for the rear car window? I can find the vinyl lettering with clear background, but my OCD wants a yellow (but not too yellow) background with black lettering :p Mainly so it matches my rear plate and rear batman gel overlay haha. The private hire firm I work on use magnetic door signs, and it's starting to leave annoying marks on both of my doors. Obviously with it being my own car, that's not something I want! :( This is the best option I can think of to avoid stickers on my doors or stickers all over my side windows. Any input would be appreciated cheers.
  22. Stogies

    Help Car Stolen

    Sorry to hear about that bud, I imagine you have a lot of anger and upset building up! I'm in the Liverpool area, but all the same will keep an eye out. You never know! Fingers crossed it's spotted.
  23. Stogies

    Other Cars

    If I had the funds, I would probably pick up a Skoda Superb or a Ford Galaxy! Boring I know, but I've always liked the look of them. Unfortunately I've always had your 'everyday type' of car which is probably why I'm into the above. Most of my 5year driving has been spent in between Vauxhalls, a few '07 astra estates and an '08 vectra. Going off that experience, Vauxhall definitely wasn't on my list when shopping for a car.
  24. Stogies

    Carbon Wrap

    Hi all, I'm a total newb when it comes to vehicles, but I absolutely love my 58 Mondeo Zetec! Since I purchased it Christmas 2012 I have wanted to do little mods to it and I love the whole vinyl wrapping of interior. Having seen a few mondys on these forums with vinyl, I'm wanting to wrap the CD section, along with the centre console (where the cup holder etc is). I also plan on replacing the standard player with a more modern (black) one. As I say I'm a noob with this, and I have to ask: will I need to remove the console? If so, how ; without !Removed! everything up. I've ordered 3M carbon vinyl so hopefully that will be here for Monday. I've just looked through the 'How to' section and was unable to find a guide on such a mod. ;( Any tips would be welcome.. I'm sure I'll mess it up! Haha Cheers
  25. Curiosity killing the cat, but what was your outcome (if any)?