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  1. Brake Servicing

    So you recommend fitting something like EBC ultimate pads and standard discs or Mintex equivalent? I have the piston wind back tool so hopefully won't fall foul of the rear caliper issue you mention. Was also going to clean up the calipers and paint them when I had them apart.
  2. Brake Servicing

    I have a 2008 2.0 tdci titanium 3 door. My brake pads are on the way out and whilst I was checking the pads today I noticed the discs are in pretty poor shape all round so figured I should replace them too. I have discs all round. I have gone through the procedures in the manual and have all the correct tools (I think) is there any merit in swapping to braided brake hoses at the same time and of course renewing the fluid? Any common pitfalls people can fall into? I was thinking of updating the pads and disks to ebc green stuff pads and either turbo groove or ultimate discs. Has anyone got any thoughts opinions on doing this? I am a relatively spirited driver (a bloke) and I would like a more responsive braking experience than I currently get. Cheers
  3. Locked Out Of My 08 Focus...

    Cheers guys, I drove to town to get some new batteries and the fob started working again. Figured it wouldn't do any harm to swap the battery anyway. If I get any more problems I will try the reprogramme.
  4. Locked Out Of My 08 Focus...

    Ok so I'm in and the alarm is disabled with the key; I was parked tight up against a wall on the drivers side so couldn't see the key hole, d'oh! Thats what you get for going away for so long. Any ideas why the remote key fobs would have both stopped working? I will buy new batteries today, I read somewhere I can re synch them to the car by turning the key in the ignition a number of times and pressing the buttons?
  5. Hi I hope someone can help? I have a 08 2.0 tdi titanium focus and have just come back from 6 months away during which time my father started the car up for me and made sure the engine was running. I had 2 weeks back in uk at the start of August during which time I drove round all over the uk visiting friends and relatives no problems. Now i am back for good 6 weeks after the car was last driven and my wife has told me that she could not open it using the remote central locking. I have just tried both key fobs and there is absolutely nothing, so I presumed that the battery must have gone flat. Since there is only e keyhole to get the bonnet open I decided I would charge the battery using the battery conditioner I have for my other older car however as I opened the bonnet the alarm went off showing there must be some charge in the battery. Neither fob would shut the alarm off so I had to wait and whilst doing so swapped the battery in one of the fobs but still nothing? Can anyone suggest what might be wrong? Could the battery be mostly flat and I will have to put up with the alarm of a period whilst I hook up the battery conditioner? Could both fobs have coincidentally gone dead at the same time and need to be reprogrammed to my car? If that's the case how the hell do I get in without a keyhole to the main passenger compartment? I have one day off tomorrow to get this cracked before I am due back in work for a couple of days so if anyone can help me I would be extremely grateful! Cheers in anticipation.
  6. Ford Capless Refuelling

    Cheers, I did try looking on t'bay but could not find the description. Will keep trying, thanks anyway.
  7. Hi all, Newly joined having just bought a 08 Focus 2.0 TDCi 3 Door Titanium. I have a question about Fords Capless Refuelling System- I want to add some injector cleaner to the tank but obviously i can't get past the flap in the filler neck, after some digging on the t'interweb i see i should have an emergency fuel filler nozzle located with the spare wheel for filling from a jerry can in an emergency (funnily enough). Now i don't appear to have one, does anyone know where i can get one from and what they would cost? Thanks for looking.