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  1. madmanwayne

    Climate control

    Hi Guys n Girls, Happy new year to you all! Hope you all had good sensonal fat bellys? my problem is my 02 plate V6 galaxy has a electrical issue i think, when you turn the ignition on the display flashes for quite a few seconds on the heating controls!!!! what might this be? as the guy i brought it from still has not sent me the paper work for the vehicle so i cannot read up on any problems please help as the longer i leave it the more worried i get!! thanks
  2. madmanwayne

    Regular at the 'Text and drive'

    It is rather nice init! i do love the style, look, sound just about everything with the R8 BUT it does look even sweeter in white n carbon mmm mmmm mmm
  3. madmanwayne

    Waynes pics

    some cool pics
  4. madmanwayne

    Worst Modifications.

    I think this tops them all,! LOL
  5. madmanwayne

    Regular at the 'Text and drive'

    Christ if that don't hit home then people must be thick as !Removed!
  6. madmanwayne

    My new(used) Galaxy

    Taken this morning
  7. madmanwayne

    Word Association Game

    me Julie
  8. madmanwayne

    my new toy

    Ha Ha Ha, I !Removed! wish!!!!! that was @ Goodwood Festival of speed i was working there over the 3 days i do love my job sometimes
  9. madmanwayne

    my new toy

    Hi all its been a while since i have been on! think the last time was when i sold my escort but i am still a worthy ford owner!! i brought a 02 Galaxy 2.8 v6 Ghia 120,000m with very good history and new auto gearbox with the same owner since 1yr old i paid £2400 was this a fair price? was up for £2695 and in real good condition i will put pic up at some point soon to show ya, i don't know too much about this engine or car tbh so any comments will be gratefully received thanks
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    Word Association Game

  15. madmanwayne

    Why do they do it?

    I was driving back home the other day with wife and kids in the car along the M27/M3, the roads were medium to heavy but maintaining 60-70mph, there was a idiot in a VW van who was tailgating me who decided he wanted to undertake me, but there was a car 10-15ft behind me in the middle lane slowly passing me as she was level with me he went into her lane up her behind too, she was about 10ft in front of me and he wanted her out the way he almost shoved her into lane 1 and less then a foot from taking my front end with him he jumped in front of me, he did not even look in his mirror to see where i was, so then !Removed! ME did i see red i have the most precious cargo on board and this fool nearly wiped us all out in turn to his actions i was right up his behind so i backed off with my full beam on pointing my finger for him to pull over did he no so i got the wife to call the police and reported the idiot end for dangerous driving and the police have informed us they will be prosecuting him for dangerous driving as they also received a call from another concerned motorist so be aware drive with care