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  1. FK Racing ones, cheap as chips but i've sat im some before and they are actually really comfy. Can get some plain white, fake leather ones off ebay for £220 delivered and will fit straight into mk7 as they come ready with universal fittings and brackets and subframe. hope this helps
  2. Suppose footwell lights could possibly be wired to sidelights if the wiring isnt there? maybe!
  3. Just wondering, would it be possible to get this thread Pinned? I can see if becoming quite helpful? Nick
  4. Thanks andy, added to list with credit to your user.
  5. Incredibly Stupid Design

    Thanks for the tip, will have to sort something out myself!
  6. Please Help

    Try your handbook if you havn't already, there should be a picture of all dash warning lights. Otherwise it's probably best to go to your local ford garage, no offence to your mechanic obviously.
  7. New Wheels For Ford Puma

    Like them alot mate, should look good!
  8. Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    I mean, to be honest, it's mainly the parcel shelf not fitting correctly. Then the back seats also rattle, and my door cards have started rattling now! I just turn the music up and it all gooooooes away
  9. Thanks Jason, added to my list with credit due to you. Nick
  10. Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    God - don't get me started on the creaking boot! Drives me mad. I'm actually tempted to cut off the back of my Fiesta. <_<
  11. Fiesta Gear Change

    Yep, I used to have a mk4 astra 2.0L Gsi, and the box felt really crappy on the way to work (Bare in mind that on the Gsi's the gearbox was as tight as a nuns...), anyway, pulled onto the Alderley Edge duel carrigeway and floored it. Then BANG. Onto the hard shoulder, only my problem was, was that I was left in 3rd! Had to spend about £200 recovering it and it wasn't a cheap job to fix. It turned out that it was the Cable's and Linkages, as mentioned above. Get it fixed before it's too late mate, consult your local mechanic! Best of Luck
  12. Incredibly Stupid Design

    If my car is locked, it also locks my fuel cap? :S