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  1. best fiesta colour

    I have the Candy Red. It's different. Colour changes totally when the sun is out and when it isn't. The Candy Blue was the same. Not many of the Candy Red going about, so if you want something a bit different then go for it :)
  2. Damsel In Distress - Ecoboost Reality

    Hi, I had an 11 reg Fiesta zetec in a 1.25. I traded that in in Sept 2013 for a brand new Ecoboost Zetec (100) and I LOVE it ! I would never go back now. The difference is night and day ...... really. I had to get used to it being so high geared tho, but it's nippy, easy to drive and I haven't anything bad to say about it. I hated the 1.25 (82) and have no regrets changing it out after only 2.5 years.
  3. New Fuel Pump - Black Edition, 3500 Miles

    Hi, yes, I did. I had to get a new fuel pump when the car was only months old and I had done less miles than you. I still hear it, but it's nothing like it was when it was at it's worst. It was all done under warranty tho so no problem. The mechanic came out for a wee run with me and he agreed that it was too noisy and should be replaced.
  4. New Owner In The Making

    I have an ecoboost in the Zetec trim. Yes, it has stop/start but I spend so much of my work commute in traffic and crawling along slowly, that I switch it off. If I know I'm going to be sitting for longer than 10 seconds for example, I will push the button and use it, but otherwise it's just switched off as a matter of course when I start up my car. I absolutely LOVE the ecoboost engine and I went from a 1.25 82ps. I could not believe the difference when I first took it out. I didn't even test drive one first. I had researched a bit and when I went to the garage I saw the Candy Blue model sitting there and I asked where could I sign !!!! Stick to your guns. If you want an ecoboost model then go for it. The difference in the 2 is night and day, trust me, and you will just adore the turbo !! :)
  5. Temp Monitor Colour

    Mine was definitely red this morning as it was -1 when I set off for work today. Goes amber anything above 0 degrees as it's pretty much been on all week-end !!!
  6. Fiesta Zetec Chrome Trims

    Ooooh, that would really annoy me if the "chrome" looked like that all the time. I wouldn't know what to do about that if it's not just water spots. Sorry, and good luck getting a solution.
  7. Fiesta Zetec Chrome Trims

    Hi. I rarely actually wash mine (with water) and when I do, that annoys me as well. 99% of the time I use Showroom Shine (waterless cleaner) and it takes the chrome up really well. Might be worth trying something like that as after I have used water on mine I have to go round sorting out the chrome bits. Hope you get it sorted.
  8. Fiesta Service

    I'm getting mine done today and I was quoted approx £150 for it.
  9. Call me biased, but Candy Blue. Honestly, you won't regret it. I had the same decision to make. When I went to see about trading in my Black Mk7 there was a Candy Blue one sitting there and I just fell in love. The colour actually changes depending on the light. I'm seeing more and more on the road now, and when I see one out and about, it just stands out from the other black, white, grey cars on the road. LOVE IT !!!!
  10. 2015 Fiesta

    WHAT ???? No more 3 door Fiesta ?? I won't know what to do with myself ! I have had 10 (or is it 11) Fiesta's since passing my test in 1982, and they have all been 3 door. I don't want a car with more than 3 doors. I still laugh yet ... a couple of years ago, when I had my niece in the car, we were getting out and she said to me "Auntie Jackie, these are the biggest doors i've EVER seen" !!! Think she struggled to push it open when she was getting out. bad Auntie !!!!! LOL P.S .... that KA is ugly.
  11. I feel your pain ! I had an 11 reg 1.25 zetec and it was sooooooooo slow it wasn't funny. In my humble opinion, trade it in for the 1.0 Ecoboost. I was very sceptical and was worried that going down another engine size would come back and bite me on the bum, but no, I LOVE my Fiesta. Honestly, the difference is night and day compared to the 1.25. I did a lot of research before I committed, but I am so pleased I did. Go on .... do it !!!!
  12. Passenger Window Keeps Going Down!

    Yeah, let me know how you get on, coz mine seems fixed and then off it goes again !!!
  13. Grease Lightning Showroom Shine.

    Glad you got on OK and the shine is good.
  14. Passenger Window Keeps Going Down!

    Yep, mine does it and it drives me nuts !!! Doesn't do it all the time tho. If it's warm, I will leave both windows open a wee bit (have wind deflectors on) and the drivers window is fine, but the passenger window does exactly what you describe. Not handy when you are driving along and you are trying to get a flippin window to stay closed !!!! I have done the resetting thing a few times now, but still it persists !
  15. Grease Lightning Showroom Shine.

    Yep, just spray directly on to the car. It should come out in a fine mist and not a stream, you are trying to cover as much surface area as possible so it "encapsulates" (good word eh ??) the dirt so that it just wipes off with the cloth and doesn't scratch. Make sure you have a decent microfibre cloth for the buffing tho. I had one that just wouldn't work, changed it to a good quality one and the difference was amazing. I love Showroom Shine !!! You don't need a huge amount of it tho, but it's easy to use too much. You'll get the hang of how much to use the more you do it. I'll also take on board about the methylated spirits for the trims as well, thanks.