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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Zs Problem

    I can feel it now when im driving too. i will leave my foot on the accelereter and the car will do a constant speed then it slows and then speeds back up again. Im definetly going to have a word with ford about it. only just 2 years old
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Zs Problem

    Hi i hope someone can help me, i have a slight problem with my car. When it is left to tick over it sounds as if it loses revs and then bumps back up sort of as if it is missing although on my clock the revs do not go on. After a while of just standing the happens every 30-40 seconds. Its really starting to bug me now. i wonder if anyone would know what type of thing could be wrong so i could explain to my dealer a bit better?
  3. Heated Seats/facelift Question

    I have Leather interior pack but no heated seats?
  4. Im just looking to see if anyone has the ability and the software to try to change the ecu to add traction control? I have found the right wire and have bought a traction control button from ford and connected all that up. But it hasnt worked. i have the light on my dashboard and the wire is correctly connectd up and the led is working and so im assuming its recieving power. if anyone can help me it would be much appreciated. Thank you
  5. New Member

    Hi Everyone, I joined FOC a while ago but haven't got around to introductions. I bought a fiesta mk7 zetec s on 4th March. Im 18 years old and its my second car. My first was a renault clio 1.3 mk3. So it was a big jump up for me. Have to say im loving it. Have changed a few things all ready and am thinking of starting a project thread up for myself on here. Anyway, Loving the Car. And looking forward to getting to know a few people in the forum.
  6. Hi, I need some new discs and pads for my fiesta. if i need to buy some new ones id like to get some better upgraded ones, Can anyone recommend any good performance discs and where to get them cheap? Thanks
  7. Upgrading Wheels Fiesta

    Pirelli 225/45 Would spacers correct the problem?
  8. hi could someone please help me I have just purchased a 59 plate fiesta zetec s. When the car was new the optional extra Street Pack was never added but now id like to add the bigger 17" street pack wheels. The wheels arrived today and i fitted them but they seem to rub on the back when the car bounces and the front at full lock. Is this because the wheels cannot be fitted to standard and only the street pack or have i made a mistake? Any help would be appreciated :D
  9. Hid's

    Could anybody tell me what HID kit they have and where they got it from? Was it easy to fit? and do people reccoment using a HID kit or just upgrading the bulbs?