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  1. Ignition replacement

    HI, just after some advice....... My Girlfriends 1996 Fiesta has just been vandalised and the little gits tried to hotwire it (the fools) in the process have ripped the ignition wires and steering colum. My Girlfriend in her wisdom had failed to confirm the change in insurance... so was not insured at the time!!! It would be easy to just scrap the car but i am tempted to have a bash at repairing or at least trying to repair. My question is this.... is it worth it? Financially i know it is not, but as a little project would it be possible for a novice like myself to have a go? As 3 of the windows were put through i'm thinking it's not worth the effort! Any thoughts It is a 1996 1.3LX BTW it was one of 4 cars vandalised that evening....scambags!