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  1. Hi guys, I've got a parrot Bluetooth kit that came from my old work van that I want to install in my Mondeo. I don't have the radio code though so when I unplug the stereo to connect it all up will my radio work when I turn it back on? If not, how do I get the code?
  2. Having just read about the DMF problem with these cars, it seems I may have bought a lemon. I suspect the dealer probably knew this when he sold it to me so I'm not too happy! Looks like if it is the DMF it will cost more to get it fixed than what the car cost me!
  3. Hi guys, Haven't been on these boards for a long time but last week bought myself a 2002 Mondeo 2.0 tdci. I'm not sure what mk it is, or if it's pre facelift or any of that stuff but it's a nice motor and a pleasure to drive although it does have a couple of faults. Firstly, the drivers seat will not go up or down. I can hear the motor working but no drive going to the seat? The other thing is that on occasion it doesn't start first time. Instead there is a kind of wizzing or grinding noise but no engine turnover. On second attempt it is back to normal. I'm thinking starter motor is not engaging for some reason? Anyway, just thought I'd say hello now I'm a ford owner again. No doubt I'll be around with various questions! Cheers!
  4. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I have an escort van and the rear left door doesent open. It has a catch at the top and bottom of the door - when you pull the handle the bottom catch goes up and the top catch goes down. My problem is that the top one does not go down far enough to clear the hole that it sits in when closed so I have to wedge a screw driver in there to get the door open. I can't find any way of adjusting it and would be very grateful of some guidance as to where/how to adjust. Cheers, Jimothy.
  5. Just Bought An Escort Van!

    great, thanks very much!
  6. Hello, I've just bought myself a 1996 1.8 escort van so thought I'd join here for tips and advice when I start doing small jobs on it to fix it up a little. First question I have though is what 'Mk' is my van? When I look on ebay to buy parts or a haynes manual mast say Mk5 or Mk6 etc... Any ideas which mine is? Look forward to having a look around the forum, Cheers.