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  1. It could be failing plugs but it wouldn't do any harm to give everything a good clean out... Wynns Diesel clean3 or BG244 (excellent but pricey) Wynns EGR3 clean Wynns Turbo clean It stopped my lumpy smokey startups stone dead.
  2. If you think a service has been skipped what are you waiting for?
  3. My Tdci has started to smoke a bit and the performance feels a little lumpy and could be the turbo but I figure it's time for an EGR clean and blank so what else should I need in terms of replacement parts while everything is out if anything at all. Thanks
  4. antdad

    Noise In Clutch Area.

    I'm sure the prices vary considerably but my competent local brake and clutch centre quoted about £700. A dmf dampens out low frequency vibration and reduces stress on the drive train created by high torque diesels so it makes them nice and quiet. I was going to replace mine with a solid flywheel but then the noise disappeared and it didn't affect starting and that was 18 mnths or so ago...I don't do that many miles but every six months I have a look at the starter motor to check for metal swarf as this is an indication that the dmf is beginning to break up. The rattling will be a broken spring or two residing within the dmf, it sounds terrible at idle or low rpm so unless starting is being seriously affected I wouldn't be overly concerned if my experience is anything to go by. Avoid pulling hard in a high gears and get it fixed in your own time.
  5. A month or so ago the engine warning light came on...bugger the dmf must really falling apart now as it's been rattling on and off for about a year. Scoured the forums and found a sound bit of advice... These TDCi engines have a number of insidious problems which are all but guaranteed to rear their ugly heads at one stage or another. These are:- EGR valve Injectors Cam and crank sensors (more so cam sensor) Knock sensor Dual Mass Flywheel Fuel pump So I thought I better make sure so off it went to Fords for a diagnostic...£54 got me the P2238 warning code and a description of the possible faults as Damaged or disconnected vacuum hose Check for air leaks at the turbo charger Vanes on the Turbo charger sticking closed Turbo charger defective I was advised to give it a good thrash and if the EWL comes back on it'll need a new turbo, I'd also require two new rear suspension arms following a courtesy check at a cost of three hundred odd quid which was complete BS. Cheap stuff first, checked hoses and change the fuel filter and get some Wynns fuel treatment as well as EGR/Turbo cleaner (same stuff btw). 30 miles later the EWL comes back on, no smoke pouring out the back or noticeable loss of power. I purchase a diagnostic reader and I have the same error code (P2238), internet search of error code produced this albeit for trucks/vans. I found this using google.... , may not be totally relevant as its for trucks so use at your own risk The code 2263 can be cause by the following, Restricted exhaust Mechanically stuck variable turbo Air filter EGR valve Fuel pump Check the air filter to be sure it is not restricted, even if the filter minder shows that it's OK. Replace the filter if needed. Odd...thought I'd replace the air filter even though I thought it was quite clean...I did however notice this time that one of the vacuum hoses attached to the air box had a bit of a kink in it, pulled it off gave it blow and reseated it properly so it wasn't kinking. Hundreds of miles later and no EWL light, thank goodness. Check your hoses properly and change filters regularly, obvious but how many poor saps have been told they needed a new turbo like I was. Hope this is helpful.
  6. antdad

    Obd Code Reader Recommendation

    Seems like a great price thanks for the offer...unfortunately I've just ordered an Elmscan 5 for $25 a couple of hours after my last post, if it doesn't work out and the offer is still available I'll be in touch.
  7. antdad

    Obd Code Reader Recommendation

    Thanks...I suppose I don't really want to spend more than fifty quid but I suppose the software is all, could be handheld or laptop based is there any advantage to either system?
  8. Can anybody recommend a reader for a TDCi '04...I've read that some OBD readers don't work with these early vehicles.
  9. antdad

    Lack Of!!

    I only skim read this, not sure if you're allowed to post links but anyway see if it sounds familiar...
  10. antdad

    Focus Engine Management Light On

    Seems this fault code is also linked with the EGR and all that entails.
  11. antdad

    Focus Engine Management Light On

    Bump...mine (04 Tdci 1.8) has just come back with the same fault code....P2263. Seems I got better service...they give me a print out with suggestions of possible causes Damaged or disconnected vacuum hose Check for air leaks at the turbocharger Vanes on the turbo are sticking Turbo defective The EWL has been turned off, they said to go and give it a long run...if the light comes back on it'll need a new turbo which doesn't warrant the cost of the vehicle. If anybody can shed light on any of the above I (we'd) be grateful.
  12. antdad

    Engine Warning Light...advice Sought.

    No trip-computer on mine I'm afraid. What should I ask for when going to Ford, a full diagnostics?
  13. antdad

    Engine Warning Light...advice Sought.

    Thanks...what is the dash test?
  14. Re: Focus 1.8 TDCi '04 Came on this morning for the first time...I will be trying to fix it myself so I'm looking for some guidance. For diagnistics I was thinking of buying a cheap reader off flea bay, will they do the job although I'm not sure exactly what to look for and are the fault codes publically available? The DMF has started to rattle so there's a good chance it maybe that although I'd like to be sure before undertaking such a job. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello gents, the dreaded DMF has gone and I'm looking to do the repair myself. I wanted to buy the very best I could afford so opted for a SACH's unit only to find it has LUK stamped all over it. I contacted the seller and he said it was OEM and looking at the websites they do look identical but this one seems to have a lot of play (32mm) which I thought was excessive and I'm unsure if it is a planetary geared unit which I thought superseeded the old style of DMF's. Any one have experience of these units otherwise I'm sending it back and going solid? Thanks in advance.