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  1. The handbrake on my Mk3 Mondy was getting progressively worse at holding the car. The pull on the cable got gradually slacker. It failed its MOT in December for the reasons below: Offside Rear parking brake recording little or no effect [3.7.A.7a] Parking brake efficiency below requirements [3.7.A.10] The test result was RBT Park Brake efficiency 14%. The garage replaced both brake cables and the handbrake worked like new. But within a fortnight or so I noticed the pulling get slacker, and its effectiveness has now waned to the extent it struggles to hold the car on any but the most level surface. I know its difficult for people to advise, but what's the likely cause? I'm pretty hard on pulling the handbrake on, but I don't think that should result in a near total failure. Shoddy workmanship? Poor part?
  2. Vibration As I Accelerate

    when you say vibration, do you just mean a rattle, or do you feel it through the steering wheel or pedals?
  3. Where To Start?

    car went in for a service. the battery just wasn't holding the charge. as for the misfiring, its still there albeit nowhere near as noticeable or as often as before. plugs were changed- the old ones were apparently pretty manky. might tie in with the egr fault code?
  4. Grinding From Brake

    it was a bearing.
  5. Grinding From Brake

    thanks art. i'll give that a bash soon. i can't imagine the wheel is buckled though, it wasn't the biggest pothole.
  6. Grinding From Brake

    doesn't appear to be any broken suspension parts. i don't hear the usual whining sound associated with it, but is it possible its a bearing?
  7. the missus just opened the electric window and its only gone down an inch or so and then there was a horrible crunch noise. now the window won't go up or down so is stuck open. the driver window still operates normally. any ideas??
  8. Grinding From Brake

    recently i hit a pot hole with my rear nearside wheel. since then i've heard a grinding from the rear nearside. its not constant. sometimes i hear it when i brake, sometimes if i go over a bump, others when i take a left hand bend or when turning left into a junction. i've had a quick look at the brakes and the pads don't look worn. do i have a sticky calliper?
  9. Where To Start?

    battery has died twice in three days. first time was thanks to an hour or so with the radio on whilst the missus was in asda, the second from maybe 20 minutes with the boot open while changing a tyre. i haven't fully examined the battery, but i'm thinking its not suitable for my car. from what i can see, it isn't a silver calcium battery and may just be a lead acid instead. would this cause any of the problems i'm suffering? there is also a general mankiness around the battery but i'm unsure if its been leaking or if its dirty spray water entering the bay.
  10. Where To Start?

    temp gauge has decided it doesn't want to register any temperature at all now and both the amber and red low temp lights are glowing. also noticed that the carpets are soaking in the car. front passenger is dry, the others are wet. i would put it down to wet shoes but as nobody sits in the rear nearside seat because the rear facing child seat is there, and people have been sitting in the front passenger seat, it makes no sense.
  11. Where To Start?

    forgot to say that the outside air temperature gauge has a habit of showing high temperatures when she's sluggish starting. a particular favourite is 66C/150F. sometimes at startup it likes to switch from C to F.
  12. Fuel Consumption

    you only get 300 miles? for an 08 plate??
  13. Where To Start?

    the dtc code is p0400- egr flow malfunction.
  14. Where To Start?

    its a petrol 1800 duratec. the car was in at an electrical specialist. not sure exactly what they did, but they couldn't find anything other than the original code for the exhaust gas recirculation. its an intermittent problem.
  15. Where To Start?

    first problem: it would appear there is a problem charging my battery. its gone flat a few times. tested the battery and is fine. tested the alternator three times- first it had a poor output, second it was fine, third it was fine then when i put load on it, ie lights, blowers, heated windscreens, the alternator output dropped to zero. second problem: the engine seems to be misfiring. when i make the engine work hard it misfires, but not all the time. its most prominent when changing up a gear at lower revs and then giving it plenty of throttle. third problem: engine warning light has now come on. the memory chip did have a fault registered before but was cleared- i think it was to do with the exhaust gas recirculation. help!!