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  1. Hi, only just found this site so apologies for the very late reply! I hope that you have resolved your problems by now but, if not, I MAY be able to help if I can stir the old grey matter effectively! I used to build competitive FF engines in the distant past. We used to put an enormaous amount of effort into building competitive engines, lots of small permitted changes added up to quite a lot. Unfortunately there is a lot of duff information out there, particularly with regard to the power output of a competitive engine. All our engines were run-in and set up on the engine dyno, which was regularly calibrated, and power output corrected to the DIN standard to take account of varying atmospheric conditions. A really quick winning engine produces around 100 BHPc and anything from 98 up will be competitive. Last time I built a 1600FF engine was way back in 1995 for classic FF. Came off the dyno with just over 98 BHPc and won lots of races, strangely enough always beating the cars with their supposed 110 bhp. I love the old racing expression "When the flag drops the bullshit stops" Anyway, carb mods... the biggest problem to overcome is getting the thing to work when coming out of corners. The carb works fine in a road car, but a single seater generates much greater G forces and the fuel in the float chamber goes all over the place. There were many ways of overcoming this and the "anti-surge" pipes were the most popular. Float weight is also very important. Have fun D