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  1. Mk7 Fiesta Front Door Speakers

    Cheers for that :)
  2. Mk7 Fiesta Front Door Speakers

    I think they are 16cm, but just need confirmation.
  3. Hi, just a quick question, does anyone know what size the front door speakers are in a 2012 Mk7 Fiesta? Thanks
  4. Fiesta Zetec Mk8 Induction Kit???

    All I did to my Mk7 was put a Raceland cone filter off of a Saxo, and put it on the original hose that goes to the throttle body. I also left the bottom half of the original air box in so that it still has a cold air feed. And the result ... sounds awesome!
  5. Has anyone tried fitting 1.6 injectors in a 1.25 16v and if its going to gain any benefit?

  6. Lighting In The Footwell

    unfortunately my fiesta doesnt give me the option to disable or enable ambient lighting. Its just really strange how it looks like it would all link up but it just doesnt work. i checked yesterday with a multimeter, and there is no power going to the bulb holders, oh well :(
  7. same here sanyo, ive got a basic model mk7 fiesta, got the bulb holders and all wired up, but just doesnt work. Really want them to work, how could we go about it?
  8. Lighting In The Footwell

    I think its brown and yellow wires that come off of the bulb holder, then the wires go up into a loom at the very top of the dash.
  9. Lighting In The Footwell

    cheers mate, yeh there is wiring going to the bulb holder, but will check with a multimeter to see if there is current. Just seems strange how the bulb holder is there, but there's no apparent function.
  10. Hi there, I have a Fiesta mk7 2011 egde without ambient lighting. The other day I had a look in the footwell, and on both sides underneath the dash is a small bulb holder. Looks like its suitable for a 501 bulb 12v 5w same as the side lights. However, I put in a 501 bulb and I tried opening the doors and turning the lights on but nothing happened. I really want them to work as I think it would be pretty cool. Any info would be great!!