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  1. mondeo 1.8verona

    i had a mechanic replace my rear shoes and 2 handbrake cables and mines is the same onan s plate
  2. mondeo 1.8 td 1998

    no where is it and what does it look like
  3. Focus Fuel Gauge

    this seams to b the norm i drive mondeo friend drives focus and both the same
  4. Word Association Game

  5. mondeo 1.8 td 1998

    have already changed this part and still the same could it be one of the two pipes attached to it
  6. mondeo windscreen washer problem.

    i had same prob with my mondeo it was caused by previous owner putting washing up liquid in take pipes off and pour boiling water in after u have got all the gunk out
  7. breather pipes

    i think you will find them near the rocker cover at the back of the engine
  8. my mondeo if sitting high at the front ie on a hill only starts for a few sec then cuts out i then have to pump diesel back to the engine to start could it be a solenoid if so where is it located