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  1. Rear Wheel Bearing

    Had to go out and buy a T50 torx bit-mine were too small!
  2. Rear Wheel Bearing

    Morning all, Changed the rear wheel bearing on the Focus today-one of the most awkward jobs I've done. Accessing the hub bolts was a right pain! Car a lot quieter now though! Steve
  3. Another power steering leak

    Thanks all, It is the pump that is gone. Having a new one fitted on Monday-only prob pump is now totally gone so will have to drive the car to the garage without power steering. Will give it a go tomorrow. Regards Steve
  4. Another power steering leak

    Thanks! Someone mentioned that the old pipes need to be cut off-but every time I've changed pumps/pipes they just unscrew. I'm sure the pipes do not have to be replaced when a pump is changed. Is this right? Thanks again Steve
  5. Hello all, I've got another leak on my 2005 1.6 Focus. I had one three years ago and the pipes were replaced-it now looks like the pump is leaking. Any ides where to get a cheapish pump? I've had a quick look at ebay and they are around £200 Thanks Steve
  6. Drivers Door Compatability Estate/hatchback

    Many thanks yet again! Regards Stev
  7. Drivers Door Compatability Estate/hatchback

    Thanks! Will try and find an estate version! Regards Steve
  8. Hello all, I have a 2005 Mk 2 estate with a damaged drivers door. Will a door from a hatchback fit? I have seen a few on ebay-but all for sallons-they look the same-but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Steve
  9. Battery Problem

    I got a calcium from Halfrauds for £50 with a three year guarantee-needed it then and there./ steve
  10. Timing Belt Renewal.

    Many thanks yet again. Will get it done in the New Year. Thanks Steve
  11. Timing Belt Renewal.

    Hello all, Have had a look but cannot find the answer! Wife has a 55 plate 100hp 1.6 petrol. It has done 55000miles. At what point does the timing belt need replacing on these? My old Omega's were 50000 miles. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Steve
  12. Battery Problem

    Just a quick update. Wife kept saying there was nothing wrong with her car-it must be me imagining things. Then it refused to start for her outside the son's school-ha! ha! Put a new battery on and has been fine. many thanks Stevve
  13. Battery Problem

    Many thanks for both answers. I will get a new battery and keep you posted. Regards Steve
  14. Battery Problem

    Evening all, I have a 55 plate 1.6 100bhp estate. Recently when starting it struggles to turn over and I can see a front light coming on from inside the car. The car then starts. It will start no problem a few times and then this problem reoccurs. I suspect the battery, but have never had one behave like this before-perhaps it is a feature of the calcim battery. Any thoughts before I buy a battery will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve
  15. Thule Cycle Carrier

    Thanks, Have found that Thule sell flat headed bolts to slide into the track to overcome the problem. £3 each so I still think I will drill and use the nuts and bolts I have in my garage. Cheers Steve