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  1. My 2004 Ranger seems to have developed a clunking sound which seems to come from the front near side (or middle underneath?). The noise only seems to start up above 30mph, but after this can also be heard when slowing down to 1mph. The noise can be heard whilst in gear or in neutral and rolling. However, it's not apparent when idling at standstill. I guessed it could be the prop shaft u-joints, however wouldn't the noise stop when out of gear? Could it be the CV joint as this was an advisory on the last MOT (around 6 months ago)? What should I look for before ordering replacement parts?
  2. I've called around 10 or so breakers and no one has any in stock. So if those mk1 lenses don't fit (?), any idea where I can pick one up?
  3. I broke my rear-left light today, only the lens is damaged (see photos). Where is the best place to pick a new one up and how much should I be paying? There seem to be a few on eBay (from Thailand), however, despite looking the same as my one in the photos, the descriptions list them as only being compatible for Rangers upto 2002 (so that's mk1 vehicles then?). I take it that these won't fit my mk2 in that case? eBay link 001 eBay link 002 eBay link 003 Before: After:
  4. I'm after some new H/T 265/70/R15 tyres to replace my old Dueller 689's. Does anyone have any recommendations for some tyres which are good value for money and efficient on the road? I'm potentially looking at the Continental Crosscontact LX and Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G051. Or should I stick with the Bridgestone Dueller's? Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Also, what should the pressure be for the front and rear tyres on a 2004 Supercab?
  5. Hid H4 Conversion Kit

    Yup, most HID's are illegal so a waste of time fitting them onto your truck. What is the difference between those Osram Nightbreakers and standard bulbs? And which one's would fit a mk2 Ranger (there are H1's, H4's, H7's, etc)?
  6. Well the trailer is certified upto 3500kg. Do you reckon the mk2 will be ok to tow that? Does the actual tow bar fitted to the car also have some sort of weight limit (i.e. can the bolts shear off)? Also, my license was obtained after 1 January 1997 which means that I fall into this category (taken from the uktow website): So, seeing as the mk2 supercab 4x4 weighs 1730kg, and going by the above, does this mean I can legally only tow a maximum of 1770kg as these two figures add to 3500kg?
  7. I have a Ford Ranger (2004 Mk2) with a 2.5 litre engine. a ) What is the maximum load I can tow with a standard trailer? b ) What is the maximum load I can tow with a braked trailer?
  8. Mk 3 Interior In Mk2

    I have no experience in this, but my first instinct is it will not go smoothly at all. Why not just sell and buy a mk3?
  9. Ok, thanks for the help and clearing up any doubts :).
  10. But would there be a problem if I connected them after the MAIN fuse? i.e. the fuse might not be able to cope with more current draw through it.
  11. I can't go right to the battery as the small ring crimp won't fit onto the battery terminal. The loom (supplied with the lights) already has a 15A inline fuse. Can I connect directly to the MAIN fuse (as there is a nut/bolt) underneath it holding 2 wires in place? Or any of the other high amp fuses right next to the battery?
  12. I want to install some additional driving lights which will require their own power source and have their own fuse. The end of the wire from the lights has a half-open round ring crimp terminal. Where is the best place to connect this to the battery? I did look for a little box with bolts and nuts which hold a number of live wires in place near to the battery, but cannot see this anywhere on my 2004 Ford Ranger mk2.
  13. Having done a bit more research about using the 'angel' ring as a DRL, I don't think this would be legal (and would fail an MOT). Ring call these "position lights" which according to this Wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia....g#Driving_lamps), is another name for 'side-lights'. I cannot seem to find a definitive answer for when 'side-lights' should be turned on and off in relation to when the dipped or main beam lights are on? Any idea whether side-lights should legally be turned off when dipped (or high) beam lights are on? So in essence they work as DRL's? And/Or are side-lights allowed to be on during the day?
  14. Thanks for the reply mate. If I only patch into the side-light feed, will they only turn on when I turn the half-beam on? And will they remain on when the full beam is on? Depending on the answer to the above question, if I want them to work as DRL, wouldn't they need to turn on as soon as the ignition is turned on and not have to wait for the half-beam to be turned on?