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  1. Abs Module Failure

    Guess what, I too have just joined the ABS Module failure club (ABS permanently on, hand brake light, engine light, no speedo etc...). I have a 56 plate Fiesta Studio with 22k on the clock. But I'm feeling a bit left out .... a new fault has appeared ... not only do the usual warning lights come on but I have a new one, when starting the car, the battery light stays lit for a few mins. I have to turn off the engine and pray that will go out once started again (usually it does). Like all the above comments, I am highly disappointed such a major fault is being overlooked with the usual response of "Not heard of that one before" when speaking with anyone from Ford. A local mechanic is an "expert" at fixing these things and frequently sees moisture inside the units. Estimated cost is frightening - one estimate over £1,000!