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  1. Focus Zetec Diesel Battery Light Issues

    Well touch wood it has not happened again since posting this message. Does any one have any ideas?
  2. Hi, i have recently had a new battery and alternator fitted in the last couple of months. The other day, after driving for about 5 minutes i noticed the battery light had come back on, the car was functionally like normal though. I stopped, turned off the engine and then restarted and it went away. It was then fine for a couple of days. Then one morning, I started the engine, reversed and stalled. When i restarted the engine it was like the throttle had gone, when ever i pressed on the accelerator there was nothing and after a few seconds the engine would stall. It did this about 5 times in a row until i opened the bonnet. Not having a clue i closed the bonnet and tried to start again, this time she started fine and has worked fine since. Then this morning, she started fine, drove off down the road and after about 30 seconds the battery light had come back on, again car functional normally. Stopped, restarted and all was ok. What could cause this? Any one have any idea at all?
  3. Ipod Ready Stereo

    All wires and plugs ame today, took about 4 mins to plug and play!!! masive thank you buddy for all your help!
  4. Ipod Ready Stereo

    Nice tip, will see what happens when I get it installed. Shame I cant re-wire my memory like that!!!!
  5. Led Conversion And Other Mods.

    EDIT - that was odd, all it did was qoute you!! John, some good info there, any chance you can give a description of how you installed the footwell lights at all? im new at all this and was thinking of some red mood lighting in the footwells of my Zetec.
  6. Ipod Ready Stereo

    Dude you are a LEGEND!! Thank you very much for your help, will get them ordered ASAP!
  7. Ipod Ready Stereo

    any one able to help? eger to get the stereo installed!!!
  8. Ipod Ready Stereo

    Hey mate, thanks for your offer in showing me what leads i need.. I have been given a sony cdx-gt33u, might not be ipod ready but its free and apparantly can be used with the control on the steering. Can you advise what leads i need pls?
  9. Ipod Ready Stereo

    thanks for the replies. Will have a little look and see wat models i fancy and see what i might need to get them sorted! thanks agsin.
  10. Ipod Ready Stereo

    Hey guys, im after a stereo to replace the stock one in my 2002 zetec but i want to be able to carry one using the steering remote.... what models do this or how do i find out pls?
  11. Knocking When Breaking

    Hey mate, have had both wheels off and can see nothing that is loose or that would knock. Both pads are almost new so not them either... what else could it be?
  12. Knocking When Breaking

    Hi there, My standard KA 1.3 has started making a knocking sound when apply the breaks. When th brake is applied there is a knock, just once... then if i lift my foot and replace it down the knock is there aain... ie when braking i dont get a knock knock knock sound, its almost like it is the brake pad knocking on the disc when it first touches it.... could that be what it is? Any other thoughts please?
  13. N00B Q

    Wow cheers for that mate, just what i need :o)
  14. Accelerator Possible Sticking?

    Hi, no the pedal does not stick, it moves freely. It literally is only a matter of nano seconds that it seems to take to drop, but jsut seems slower than any other car that i have driven. To start I thought it was just me getting used to driving it but even if not changing... just outting my foot on the clutch and bringing the accelerator up... you can hear the rev's stay for a moment before droppintg again. Its not a massive issue, just didnt know if common or if there is any thing i can tweak :o)
  15. Accelerator Possible Sticking?

    Hi, Just got my Focus Zetec 2002 the other day. After a few days driving it, i feel that when i change from 1st gear to 2nd, the rev's dont drop straight away meaning you get that high rev sound as you get into the next gear.... make sense? Is this a common fault? Easy fix? Or is it just my bad driving?