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  1. Thanks Sparky2011 Worked a treat!!!

  2. O/s Dipped Beam Not Working

    Hi yeah checked that, but its all sorted now thanks...turned out the new bulb i bought was faulty....didnt expect that!!! so looked at everything!!! Just goes to show that just because you buy something new, u shouldnt take for granted that its gonna work!!!
  3. 2781

    Your radio code.



  4. O/s Dipped Beam Not Working

    Hi all, just wondering if anybody can shed any light on a problem im having!! I recently had a minor accident, which meant i had to change the offside headlamp unit on my mk2 ghia x. Everything went ok and all lights worked once it was fitted!! However a couple of days later, the dipped beam has stopped working, although i still have side lights and full beam, indicator and fog !!! I have checked the obvious like fuses and relays and swapped the bulbs over from side to side, i've even tried running a feed from the nearside light to see if the o/s will light up, but it doesnt!! I have put a voltage meter on the back of the bulb connector, with the lights on im getting a good reading of just over 12v, so there is definately power getting to the connector. If i place the voltmeter across the fuses i dont get any reading on the o/s and a good reading from the nearside, but if i remove the fuse and test for voltage across the pins on the offside again i get a good reading, so i assume there is power going to the fuse. Its got me baffled. I've also read that apparently in the haynes manual it says to check the R9 relay is seated correctly if this happens, but it seems to be fine, i have pulled it out and pushed it back in a few times. Why wont the dipped beam work on the o/s???? HELP!!!! got my MOT in 2 days time!!!!
  5. Radio Codes

    hi can anybody help, disconnected my battery today , and yes u got it!!! the radio now doesnt work, needs a code. its a 6000cd fitted in a 1998 mondeo 2.0 ghia x. serial number is M005614.