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  1. Happy Birthday jack!

  2. Tyres

    My 2nd service, i was told i needed 2 front tyres soon (12,000 miles). 3 months later I get 2 tyres fitted & was told tracking was out as tyres was worn on the inner. Why wasn't I told this when I had the service & why didn't ford sort the tracking at service?
  3. Fiesta Door Seals

  4. Bad Brakes

    I nearly headbutted the window when they sorted it, I'm used to it now though. Before I had to pump the pedal as if it had a air lock. Fingers crossed it will be OK, as it's now out of service.
  5. Bad Brakes

    I have had brake problems since the 2nd service. When I took it back for the 3rd service, I was told that several fiesta's where in for "spongy" brakes, seems to be OK for the time being.
  6. Fiesta Service Woes

    one of my rear drum made a grinding noise, i took it back but didn't find anything wrong. No changes to the car from factory made. I thought they would take the wheels off when it got serviced?
  7. Fiesta Service Woes

    After my second service in july, i had problems with the brakes due to a brake fluid change, had to take to back twice & i'm still not totally happy with them . Today I took it to an independent tyre fitters for two front tyres, ordered from blackcicle. One buckeled front wheel(I can't blame Ford for that)& also find the tracking out by 4mm. Both front tyres worn nearly bald on inside of the tyre. I want to know is why ford didn't tell me about the buckled wheel and tracking being out after the service in July, surely they had the wheels off? What un-important things are they going to charge me for after the 3rd service & what important things are they going to miss?
  8. Not The Best Of Services...

    Girlfriend went to pick car up and was told they need to change the brake cylinders. can I pick it up tomorrow, what are they and why?
  9. Not The Best Of Services...

    My second service in july, I was told a brake fluid change was now part of the service. I have taken it back twice now, first time a nipple on the rear wheel was loose & loosing fluid, and yesterday i took it back with spongy brakes and was told i needed 2 more nipples (oh er).
  10. Gear Crunching ?

    I've had lot of Ford's and they've all crunched in reverse gear. you get used to it.
  11. Mk7 Scuff Plates

    I would like to replace the Ford Plates for the one's with "s". Can I pull the original ford plates off without bending them? will they leave any mess behind? Thanks.
  12. What Do You Think About Stripes?

    I like the white Fiesta but having said that the Dodge "fiesta" Viper does look good though in blue.
  13. What Do You Think About Stripes?

    I quite like the side stripes but my girlfriend has just reminded me that i'm 46!! So that's, that.
  14. Also I think it should have a 1-9 keypad if it's got bluetooth and the large display head unit.
  15. Require Help On Pricing Car?

    I asked at the local Ford dealers for a trade-in price (White Zetecs S similar spec to yours 09 plate 11,000 miles) was offered £8,500. Probably better to sell privately but that all takes time and money. You could try Auto trader? I did once before for 2 weeks, only got one call, then again they did buy the car.