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  1. What Would You Be Driving If Not A Focus?

    Lucky you (and the missus)! I've had mine 3 weeks, all town driving, and I know its an auto and I'm not particularly light-footed but so far showing 21mpg. I'm not happy, could have kept the BMW if I wanted 21mpg!
  2. What Would You Be Driving If Not A Focus?

    I've done the same, got rid of my 2001 3-series auto, smoothest car to drive but coming up to 10 years old and had too many niggling faults that needed sorting, plus it needed some work doing to the suspension and needed 2 new tyres. Figured I may as well jump before shelling out for that lot and before the rot really sets in. Had a Mk1 Focus before the BMW and loved it, not feeling the Mk2 yet though. Just got to get used to a lack of anything refined, lots more engine noise and not beating too many other cars off at the lights lol. On the plus side cheaper repairs, lower insurance and hopefully better MPG though at the moment the MPG is on a par with the BMW :(
  3. Over-Revving Mk2

    Hi all, Had the Focus a couple of weeks now and the high idling has calmed down, initially idles at around 1000rpm but soon drops to around 750 which is ok. The car had been on a forecourt for a while so I guess that might have something to do with it. However it seems to over-rev while driving. It's a 2007 1.6 auto and in 1st its ok but from 2nd gear upwards I can only describe it as the car running away from me. When I take my foot off the accelerator its still on 1200+ revs and doesn't slow down at all, makes my normal late braking a bit fun lol! Once I brake and came to a stop the revs drop back to 750. Any easy things I can do to get it to rev normally or should I just take it back to where I bought it from for them to sort out under warranty? Thanks for any advice.
  4. What Would You Be Driving If Not A Focus?

    Ah ok didn't realise it was only from 59 they got the 7 year warranty, good to know. Think I'm keeping the Focus a while longer then ;)
  5. What Would You Be Driving If Not A Focus?

    I'm confused, I thought that when buying used whatever is left of the original 7 year warranty carries over to the new owner?
  6. What Would You Be Driving If Not A Focus?

    Shame the Fiats are still so bad, I'm half Italian and would love one, they look so good. Just came back from Italy and there's so many Grande Puntos on the roads which is what started me thinking maybe they've improved. Had a Toyota a few years back and the VVTI engine had big probs with oil conumption. Might wait a while for Kia Ceed prices to come down. The Mk2 Focus just isn't doing it for me like the Mk1 did.
  7. Having been reading jeebowhite's post about moving to a Kia I just wondered what others have considered buying. I only bought my Mk2 Focus a couple of weeks ago and had considered the Kia Ceed, Mazda3 and Fiat Grande Punto. I ruled out the Kia because it was out of my budget but loved the thought of the remainder of the 7 year warranty. The Mazda3 looked quite ugly (to me). And the Fiat much as they're improved had some awful reviews on various sites. Much as I'm happy with my Mk2 Focus it seem's much slower than the equivelant Mk1 I had a few years ago but I'm growing to like it. Still think the Grande Punto is the best looking of the bunch though!
  8. Slightly Over-Revving

    Yeah it's constantly around the 900 mark apart from start-up when it sits on 1000. It just feels like it's racing away all the time, suppose thats better than being slug-ish lol, but I'm also wondering if it's going to be burning too much petrol.
  9. Slightly Over-Revving

    Hi all, enjoying my 2007 Focus nicely but it over-revs slightly, sits just below 1000rpm when idling, and when driving I find I don't have to press too hard on the accelerator as it tends to pull away on it's own. Most cars I've owned idle around 700-750. It's under Ford warranty but I can't be bothered taking it back for what's probably an easy adjustment. So can anyone please give me easy instructions on how to adjust the idle? Thanks.
  10. 2007 Focus

    Thanks for your replies. I've seen that cable on Amazon so will order that soon, and yeah I agree the glove-box isn't the best place for it to come out of, will prob also run it to somewhere near the centre console. Don't fancy replacing the whole centre console to get the armrest in, will probably just get an after-market one and fit it to that largeish storage box at the back of the console just behind the seats. Parking sensors, I'll see if Catch says anything, if not I've seen some stupid thing on JML, for £19 it might be worth a go, not much money lost if it's no good. Thanks again for the info you given me.
  11. And Another Newb...

    Picking up my 2007 Focus tomorrow. Had a Mk1 a few years ago, then had a 316 BMW, now I'm back to Ford with the Mk2 Focus. Get ready for my questions ;)
  12. 2007 Focus

    Hey folks, I'm new on here, just registered and I've got a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help with... I pick up my Focus tomorrow, it's an 07 reg Style with I think the 6000cd/radio. Do you know if it's possible to somehow get an mp3 player hooked up? If so, what's the best and least expensive way to do it? Mate told me to look to see if there's an aux connection in the glove-box. If so great, if not what are my options? Also does the cd-player play mp3 cd's? The car doesn't have rear parking sensors and Ford are quoting about £200, any cheaper options out there? Finally it's an auto but because it's only the Style it doesn't have the driver armrest, any easy ways of getting one on there? I've seen a few generic ones on various sites but ideally for the proper fit I'd prefer a Ford one. Thanks for any replies :)