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  1. I bruised the near side rear passenger door panel around the bump strip when the vehicle nudged a wooden post. The damage is minor but to repair I first need to remove the inner panel/liner. Any help/advice on removing the panel also tools, clips etc needed welcomed. Ta muchly fusion66
  2. Fusion Front Spring Failure

    There is a special tool by Ford for undoing the problem nut but I know one repairer who has even broken one of them trying to get a nut off, so it is very tricky. I designed and made a tool to use and posted details here in a previous post a few postings up from this one. However making it does require the use of a lathe to modify a socket tool. Using lots of WD40 for a week or so may do the trick but be assured they are a pig of a thing remove. No harm in a total rebuild though - shock, top housing, and spring. Don't forget the Ford mods and plenty of sealant (my other mod) as well as grease/oil in the top cup and you'll have no further problems. A few months back I bent a shock and everything came apart as easy as anything and no corrosion on the spring due to the Ford mods and my idea of plenty of sealant at the bottom David G, Fusion66
  3. Starting Problem

    Jim, There is a list of fault codes on this site which is downloadable and can be printed out. Also there are a number of threads on codes if you search for them. Google throws up many links too several of which refer back to this site. Good luck and hope this helps. David G F66
  4. Fault located to chafing of fuel pipe near the clips that hold the supply and return pipes and 2 brake pipes on the bulkhead. Very difficult to repair - used 10mm bore reinforced hose - jubilee clip at filter end and bored out to 11.9mm at the steel pipe end and fixed with 2 small jubilee clips. Ok - primed fuel line and it started first go David G (F66)
  5. These are 2 zinc rings and 2 rubber rings which fit below the front coil springs. The idea is to reduce spring failures. Check the online parts catalogue at eucatparts.com There is a mod sheet there. Parts can be had direct from Ford. I suggest you see my earlier postings on this subject. Hope this helps! Regards, David G (F66)
  6. Ian ... Many thanks...much appreciated. David G (F66)
  7. Thanks Ian. Decimal degrees will be fine. Ta muchly. Regards, David G (F66)
  8. I am looking for the values/angles and tolerances of camber, caster and tracking. Whilst the camber angle is not adjustable due to the way the bottom of the strut is fixed (unlike the Fiestas) I wish to check it following a nudge by the nearside front wheel on a stone recently. My local repairer says the camber angle is 1/2 deg out but not said whether it is a positive or negative error. I am very familiar with the Fusion front end having replaced the suspension on both sides and doing the two Ford mods at the same time and think I should check and confirm, or otherwise, the stated error. Thanks in advance. David G (F66)
  9. 15 Inch Steel Wheels - Finding A Replacement

    Update - 16/1/16 Checking the online Ford parts catalogue I found the correct part number. Original direct from Ford = £76.00. Supplier in Germany £36.00, Allen Ford, Northampton (0345 5050035) £30.33 delivered in 2 days. Saving = £45.67 (all wheels are new) Wheel is original Ford with Ford part number sticker. I searched Amazon to find this. David G, F66
  10. Just a reminder that there is a Ford online parts catalogue (all models) at eucatparts.com Lots of exploded diagrams, part nos and info. Apologies for boring the knowledgeable but hope this will be of interest to newer members. David G, Fusion66 P.S. As some Fiestas are the same as Fusions it is worth checking that forum for info. I have left postings with pictures on changing front springs and making a special tool for dismantling the suspension units.
  11. Starting Problem

    Maybe.... Why not do a diagnostics check? I have a Fusion2 1.4tdi and lots of problems like you - one after the other. So I invested in an upmarket analyser for Ford vehicles from Ebay item no. 121851642693 Mondeo Focus Fiesta S-max Airbag ABS Engine Gearbox Diagnostic ScannerIt plugs into a laptop and runs tests and produces graphics (oscilloscope and charts etc.) and only £15.95. Easy to install on Windows from Millenium o/s onwards. The codes can be downloaded from the net and a CD is provided with drivers and info. Fusions are the same as Fiesta so suggest you check that forum too. I have other posts here which might be of interest. It might save you a few nightmares. Good luck! David G - fusion 66
  12. Just a reminder that there is a Ford online parts catalogue (all models) at eucatparts.com Lots of exploded diagrams, part nos and info. Apologies for boring the knowledgeable but hope this will be of interest to newer members. David G, Fusion66
  13. Update Left standing in a Tesco car park on a rainy day there was a film of diesel fuel on the surface of a puddle when I returned. Not sure if this was my Fusie I moved it to another parking bay and left it for a few minutes. Sure enough - arrive in bay = no film, return after a few minutes = film. Checked for leak on fuel line and sure enough derv was dripping off the engine end just under the floor. This was confirmed by putting newspaper under the vehicle when returning home. It soon revealed /confirmed the problem. Checking the Ford online parts catalogue ( http://eucatparts.com/?action=cat_ford )shows drawings with a steel pipe under the floor with plastic end pipes to tank and fuel filter. The engine end is held in a multi clip with the return pipe and brake pipes. At this point the fuel pipe was dry but below was wet ....... A Leak! Probably a fracture due to engine vibration. More info soon. David G, Fusion66
  14. My Fusie is becoming a nightmare! This time, after leaving it for about 2 hours, it would not start (fired for only about 0.1 sec). Eventually after much cranking it started and ran fine. Got it back home no problem. Next morning same problem. Checked for leaks and smell of diesel but nothing found. No work carried out so nothing disturbed which might have caused this. Have checked lines and injectors under the air filter but no leaks or anything obvious there either. Can only conclude that air is leaking into fuel system from the engine end causing fuel to run back to the tank . Priming hard for several seconds gets fuel back in the clear tube by the primer bulb and engine starts, runs ok, and will start again unless the vehicle is left for several hour such as overnight. Any ideas? Ta muchly. David G, Fusion66
  15. 15 Inch Steel Wheels - Finding A Replacement

    Well after much searching and finding nothing local I checked several online suppliers. Oponeo (oponeo.co.uk) have 15" steel wheels for £36 delivered. Specs look ok but Sean's 'Which Wheels' list shows the offset as 35 - 45.Oponeo's list shows theirs as 52.5 I shall be replacing one wheel (the damaged one) and then need to have tracking set up. My repairer has a laser type aligner, so the question is with the new wheel on the rear and an original on the front (both same side) will this give problems when aligning the tracking ? The device relies on a laser unit hung on each of the front wheels and a scale hung on each of the rear wheels. Tracking is adjusted so a laser spot hits each scale according to the 'toe in'. I'm sure this is all schoolboy trig stuff but maybe only correct with identical wheels. Any ideas on this one please? Ta muchly. David G - fusion66