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  1. Bit Of A Dilema......

    It was very sad for me. I ended up selling engineless and got quite a good price for it. I've also got a new car:
  2. Hiya folks, You may of seen my topic here http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/65252-urgent-help-video-included/ I outlined my car failing on Christmas Eve, with the Focus currently at a motor engineers garage pending the hunt for an engine. Now I am just wondering about the next steps to be honest and I'm wondering what my best bet and option is. The problem has been identified as a conrod smashing the rear of the engine block, writing off the engine. Now looking at the situation, would the cost of the engine damage and subsequent replacement outweigh the overall cost and long term depreciation values of the car? It's a 2009 Ford Focus Zetec S with 40k on the clock. Hope everyone is well.
  3. It's a conrod that has smashed open the rear of the engine block. Rest in piece engine :(
  4. Going to a garage tomorrow, watch this space folks.
  5. So I got a jump start, to which the car started but sounds like a tracktor. It also nearly cuts out when I hit the accelerator. Think I need to get it recovered to a garage :( Thanks for your comments so far folks.
  6. I had a good look around for anything apparent, and apart from the lack of oil I could find nothing. So I fill the car up with oil and now the car will not start, just makes a very fast clicking noise. I feel the worst news is here :(
  7. I can take the plugs out myself, just need to fill her up with oil as a start to see if that changes anything.
  8. Been out for another look. None of the blue fluid around the actual spark plugs, just on the top near the leads and only a small amount HOWEVER I have no oil :/ I only changed the oil a month ago.
  9. Sorry about that, it should work now fingers crossed.
  10. Well last night I was driving to see my family for Christmas when all of a sudden an awful loud wirring noise comes from the engine followed by lots of white smoke/steam from under the engine, so over to the hard shoulder I go. I left the hazards on and did the usual of getting over the barrier away from the car pending the arrival of AA recovery who brought me and my car home. I've done a short video of the start-up and engine bay of my car, to which I've also noticed some fluid around the leads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh1gR_K98o0&list=UUHELeES3P_9WVm4-0dpsyZA I appologise in advance for my lack of mechanical experience, I just hope someone can help. Merry Christmas all x
  11. If so, would anyone like to do it for me? I would of course provide payement. Just wondering :)
  12. My whole swivel mechanism is goosed, wish they would do that for free!
  13. Will New Bulbs Achieve This?

    Looks like CREE is the way to go, need to do my research on this one.
  14. St Wheels Replica?

    Not saying this just because I have them, but do you not fancy some Zetec S Sports Pack wheels that look better than the ST ones in any case? Persistance paid off and I sourced mine for around £160 without tyres buying them one by one off eBay...took ages!