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  1. Cooling Fans Run on start up.

    No, but i know the problem now. The cooling fans cut in when i put the blower on screen demist. Switch it to footwell .... cooling fans goes off. So i guess screen demist cuts in the AC ? (although the AC light does not come on.) This is the norm i guess ? Any thoughts welcomed. Cheers Roger
  2. Hi. ( Ref... 02 plate. 1.6 Zetec Focus 47k.) Some times on start up the cooling fans cut in and run, even on a cold engine. They can stay on or cut out after a few miles. My mobile mechanic hooked up his computer and there are no fault codes. Any ideas as to the problem here please ? All the best Roger
  3. Focus Fuel Gauge

    Whilst on this subject...... i have a 02 Zetec 1.6 Focus. When i switch the engine off both the fuel and temperature gauges bounce to the half or mid point. When i start up they both return to the correct positions. Is this normal or a similar problem ? Cheers Roger