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  1. ffiscool


    Hi, anyone already ordered a B-Max? It looks to be a good size without being massive.. and not badly priced either
  2. ffiscool

    Fiesta Ad With Sw In Title

    hi, sorry to be thick, but what is the SW in a fiesta description, seen it loads in adverts?
  3. ffiscool

    Nitrogen For Free

    so, will more places start doing this? or do they already?
  4. ffiscool

    Fittings For The Car Mats On Fiesta Mk7

    when i got my car in march, the mats that came with it didnt fit, they had slightly changed them, without advising the dealer. anyway, the dealer ordered me new ones, which fit perfectly.. so the new and correct ones are out there
  5. ffiscool

    Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    yes it is lovely... if you know anyone who wants to buy one........ let me know
  6. ffiscool

    Selling My Fiesta

    well, dealer now has had their ford contact pull out as 'too quiet' - so unless someone takes up my ad and wants it, then I am still a fiesta owner.. could be worse things, but in my mind, it was going
  7. ffiscool

    Selling My Fiesta

    thank you, will take a look
  8. ffiscool

    Selling My Fiesta

    might go down the part ex route, as no takers - will lose out but easier .... unless anyone here interested
  9. ffiscool

    Selling My Fiesta

    I am selling because although I do love the car and so many of its features, I dont find the seat that comfortable plus I am going to be having my niece one day a week and as this is a 3 door, I know i will really need a 5 door with a larger boot to take buggies etc. so for me, it will be better for me to get something a bit bigger. shame as I had toyed with this a few months ago but didnt do it, when the market might have been easier yes, I have sold a few cars and it is fine, as you say the warranty is with the car not me..
  10. ffiscool

    Selling My Fiesta

    thank you both... will look in to it it may be i have to wait until after xmas for it to be a better time.. will give it a go though
  11. ffiscool

    Selling My Fiesta

    hi all... I have put my fiesta onto autotrader - ok, not the best time of year - :-( anyone have anywhere better to advertise it? am I able to put it onto any of the forums here? any advice welcome.. thank you
  12. ffiscool

    12V Power Plug

    mine had something I couldnt see, stuck in it.. now works. Ford got it out... maybe similar?
  13. ffiscool

    Auxiliary Socket

    hi, I went to Ford and there was something else stuck in there, hence my sat nav not working.. not sure where it came from, but all sorted... phew
  14. ffiscool

    Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    I have the hot magenta and even though it is everywhere, it still gets admiring looks.. in some lights it is almost a maroon and in others it is 'lipstick' as one of my friends said.. but fab in sunlight....
  15. ffiscool

    Auxiliary Socket

    thanks.. will go into Ford this week.. they are a nice garage so am sure they can sort it easily and car under warranty still...