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  1. I bet you have a small hole in the ac condenser. Buy a cheap uv torch and look for a nice shiny green. I had mine refilled and 2 weeks later filled again. The clutch would work but no cold air, it also made a hissing noise from the vents. The machine kept saying it was fine, even had a hydrogen test (I think?) but neither picked up the holes until I looked myself with a torch. Needless to say I asked for a refund after spending nearly £100 on tests and refills.
  2. I had a similar issue with starting, it was my starter motor. They’re cheap enough and easy enough to replace. Sounds like it might have a loose connection. Is it stop/start?
  3. So changed the oil to the Castrol 5/30 professional for fords. Wow. What a difference in... everything and noticeable from the start. i still have the coolant temperature issue, but I’m going to try the cheapest and easiest option and change the sensor first, before the whole thermostat unit.
  4. https://www.mobil.com/en-gb/passenger-vehicle-lube/pds/gl-xx-mobil-1-new-life-0w40 this is the oil I used
  5. I couldn’t get my car serviced so changed oil myself. Normally use Castrol 5-30 but had a new mobil 1 0-40 High mileage sat in the garage, which meets the same requirements as ford states for the 1.6 tdci engine. coincidence or not, now the dash temperature gauge struggles to get to 90 and spends most of its time sat at 75. Could the engine oil grade be causing this temperature reading? Or am I looking at the thermostat? does the dash gauge give oil or coolant temp? Could this ruin dpf regens? Any suggestions for self diagnosis? I have a forscan, but haven’t ever used it - don’t know how yet lol
  6. I did think the grease on the pins was a little thicker and sticky than I thought it would be. It did have the plastic caps on the rubber boots.
  7. I keep some for cleaning and serving my mountain bikes
  8. Coolants fine, fluids fine, not loosing anything but my will to live lol.
  9. Thanks. I gave them a good clean with brake cleaner AND isopropyl alcohol. So they "should" be decontaminated. I greased the sliders... so now we'll see...
  10. They didn't seem to be... I had no brake drag, noises etc. I've been (probably) naughty today and used some sand paper to get 80% of the pad debris off and rough it up, like the surface of a new disc (If that makes sense?) but taking it out for a SLOW drive, the pad marks on the outer side are back in the exact same place.
  11. So I keep having a reoccurring issue with my front disc brakes. I’m having to replace them around every 10k. The car spends 90% of its life in a straight line on the motorway and I don’t hammer the brakes, sit on the pedal in traffic and there's no noticeable drag or loss of fuel economy etc. The outer surface has a couple of slight raised marks in the shape of the pads, but the inside looks like its been through hell and back... and its the same on BOTH. I’ve had them replaced 3x at 3x different places now and they keep doing the same thing, just at differing standards... The current discs/pad combo are marked as Brembo, so assume they are good quality. If there was hub run out or sticking callipers the garages would have picked up on them. I’ve only had this issue since fraud(ford) had the box off to replace the clutch etc.
  12. Anyone changed the thermostat on a mk3 1.6 tdci? temperature on mine hits the middle line after about 4 miles, but the randomly goes up and down to the second line, I guess that’s around 75 and middles 90? Assuming I have a sticking thermostat... or maybe coolant sensor, where does that hide?
  13. Awesome news! Thanks for the reply! The design of how the strut goes into the hub carrier is a little rubbish IMO...
  14. It's inside the box I believe, it's what failed on mine, so another false economy to not replace it with the bell housing off.