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  1. I recently took my UK registered 2007 (56 plate) S-Max LX 2 litre Tdci diesel to France. It is necessary to mask your headlights to avoid dazzling the locals. Here are the templates to do this yourself. You must scale the template so that the distance marked X is 100mm long, then the template is the correct size. The labeling is a bit confusing regarding which template is for the left and right light, ie if they mean viewed from the front, or from the drivers seat. But, here is how I fitted them, which I think is the obvious from their shape. And, I got no annoyed flashes from the locals. Just mark the shape on the lens using a non-permanent felt tip pen, then use electrical insulation tape to fill in the shape. Be warned, these templates block out tons of the light. Take care if night driving in the rain on back roads.
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    Just did a DIY oil and filter change myself on a 56 S-Max 2.0 Tdci. Ford Prefect is right, The drain plug is an 8mm allen key. The filter is a 26mm hex socket. Oil filter highlighted The 26mm socket was a tight fit onto the filter, needing tapping on using a wooden rod and mallet. It unscrews anticlockwise, mine was very tight, the main dealer service I did last time must have over torqued it. Make sure you buy 5 litres of oil, not 4 litres like some of the oils come in these days, I needed all of 5 litres to bring it up to the top of the dipstick.