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  1. Dpf Question

    I have a 55 plate, 2.0 Focus TDCI. When I bought it 2nd hand I didn't have a clue about DPFs. Now I'm nearing 65,000 miles I'm beginning to realise that it could be a major issue for me; a little matter of £1000+ at its next service. However I'm not actually sure if my car is a DPF model or not. I've tried various car-checking websites but not all of them describe its title in full. In some places I've seen it called an [N-DPF]. Does this mean it has a DPF or does it stand for No DPF? How else might I find if my car has one as it could be the deciding factor regarding whether I try to sell in the next year or hold on to it?
  2. New Member Here

    Hi Guys Just joined the forum today. Am the owner of a Focus 2.0 TDCi, 2006 Zetec. Happy with the car in general despite a couple of episodes of bad luck, i.e. it needed a new Alt at 50,000 miles. I have a question though. I'm not particulartly mechanically minded and my knowledge of the inner workings of cars doesn't stretch much farther than changing pads and discs. I had the car serviced the other day. 63000 miles, Standard. But upon driving it away afterwards the Engine Systems Fault warning immediately showed. I took it back it the Garage (Kwikfit; I know!) and they told me that the warning came on during the service but that no fault code was sent, hence they had blanked the warning and continued with the service. But as I drove the car around the warning reappeared and disappeared intermittently, something I've never encountered before. Kwikfit agreed that they could have unwittingly caused something while they were doing the under-the-bonnet part of the service, and agreed to take it in again and try to find out what was wrong. They're now telling me, albeit extremely vaguely (made worse by the fact that the guy who told me this is not in today) that it MIGHT be something to do with the fuel pump. They won't be able to tell me more, if at all, until tomorrow, and have recommended that I take the car to Ford. I'm reluctant to just take the car away as then Kwikfit can simply deny responsibility for causing a fault, if indeed the !Removed! rookie doing my service, did. Does anyone know of anything similar to this happening? i.e. servicing actually CAUSING faults? If so, any ideas what it could be? I'm being told by one guy that there is still no fault code despite the warning message still appearing. But the other guy is mentioning the fuel pump. I'm !Removed! off and confused. Cheers guys Modman