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  1. Supercharger

    Hi again guys 'n girls, I have been looking around at a variety of parts for my v6 mondeo now and the power gains aren't quite up to where I want to be. I have heard of conversions in america to the 2.5 v6 involving a supercharger. Now this to me sounds fantastic much better than a turbo conversion. Its here in the problem starts, for the life of me I can not find a supercharger. I am wondering if anyone on here could suggest where to look for one and the parts needed or perhaps a website or company that offers parts or the conversion itself. Cheers in advance Scoot
  2. Fiesta Titanium 1.4Tdci

    Hi there stuart, Your problem here can be any number or things. Firstly tyre pressure is exceptionally important I would guesstimate at 38psi front and 32psi rear for general car load. Secondly your speed is a massive issue, the combined cycle figure that they quote you in the brochure is based on a constant average speed of 56mph. As an example me v6 mondeo achieves a sensible 40mpg at 70 yet if I knock the cruise down to 56 it climbs to 48-50mpg which is rather good haha so you can see its a big different. After this if you wanna grab every mpg you want to start looking into the cockpit. Air can can cost you a daft 5mpg depending on car and other conditions. Cd player possible 0.5mpg depending on volume. Then there is how often you have to slow down due to the fantastic drivers you experience on the motorways these days lol Lastly you want to think of weight i.e. passengers and luggage you would really be surprised how much difference that bag of shopping makes lol. Hope that helps Scott
  3. Stealth

    Hi all, Just purchased myself a nice v6 mondeo mk2 and already I have a nice few ideas for it. So basically I'm gonna post em here to see what you guys think and to get some advice on how to go about some stuff. Basically I want to play on the fact the car is black. I want to start with smoked tail lights so they blend with the body, smoked side repeaters again to blend in. Possibly some form of tinting to the headlights to make them as dark as is legal. Then window tints again you guessed it black as is legal all round. Alloys.. now here is where I am stuck, I have narrowed the choice down to white or black. Should I keep the black going or should I have a nice contrast with the white? Last but not least im contemplating the idea of a smooth boot. I've heard it can be a ball ache but it does look nice on some cars. Any tips, criticisms and ideas all welcome. Thanks in advance Scoot B-)
  4. Ka Problems

    Well the exhaust is easy to fit so you could do it yourself its just a matter of a few bolts whichever part you remove. if you find out the right area and are prepared to get your hands dirty then it should be about £50 total to fix. Try ebay for your parts. Buy a mondeo when you get a new car lol
  5. St200 Or Engine Swap??

    Hi there guys n girls, I have been toying with the idea of buying an st200 mondeo. But the problem is that model never came with the creature comforts i have in my ghia x (full leather seats, cruise control etc) so my question is do i swap the 2.0 blacktop for the 2.5 litre V6 out of an st200 or do i take the plunge and loose the creature comforts?? If it makes any difference i want to do some serious work on the engine with the likes of a supercharger appearing somewhere :o) Any comments gratefully received Scoot
  6. Ka Problems

    No worries pal glad I can be of some help. to repair the exhaust and the squeaking at a garage you are looking at a ball park figure of £20 for fault finding (even though you know what it is) new alternator and exhaust supply and fit ~£400 ish thats at an approximate labour cost of £50 per hour which is dirt cheap these days. My advice is only replace the part of the exhaust you need to. turn the car on and place your hand over the exhaust pipe and get a friend to list and trace where the blowing is coming from (dont hold it on to long as you with either sufforcate the engine or burn you hand which hurts lol) a brand new exhaust with warranty in the right place will set you back £90 inc vat but id always steer towards scrap yards and second hand as you will never get your money back especially on a ka. The alternator brand new again around the £70 mark but scrap/second hand your looking at no more than £15 As for the oil light apart from what i advised earlier try something called "stop leak" it has tiny particles in it which will plug any small hole straight away. I have a feeling that its a faulty switch though after some thought. The light comes on when there is a loss of pressure in the oil system so a good flush out will do it some good as well. Make sure you get the right viscosity though (i think its 10w40) otherwise bye bye engine lol Hope this helps Scoot
  7. Ka Problems

    Hi there, I am also a newbie here but I thought id try and make my first post a helpful one. Your exhaust I would personally get fixed as if the manifold splits it will leak gas into the cabin (not good) Engine wise if your sure its the altenator and have breakdown cover leave it until it breaks or pick up a scrap one. Oil light - try draining the oil use some flushing oil then replace the filter and oil with good quality i.e castrol magnatec then see what happens if it still appears replace the oil level switch £12 ish failing that disconnect the light and check your levels weekley. Hope this helps some. Scoot