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  1. my injectors have the numbers EJDR00101Z, and 2S7Q-9K546AH. I need a new set, breakers on Ebay are using the EJD number as the part number, but breakers on partsgateway.com say the 2S7Q number is the part number, and that the numbers must be identical or they wont work in my mondeo! Wont any injectors work, provided they are from a MK3 TDCI and are coded after installation, or do i have to wait and hope that a breaker somewhere will find a mondeo with exactly the same part numbers? Which number is the actual part number anyway, and what is the purpose of the other number? Cheers
  2. my 02 mondeo tdci 130 (75k) has fault code p2337, the glow plug light flashes, its running on 3 cylinders it seems, noisy on idle and underpowered, though generally it drives well. A diesel speciaist found the above code, and did a leakage test, which came back ok (even). Injectors 2 and 4 have the code scrubbed off, and cyl 2 has the fault code. Should i buy 1,2 or 4 injectors, as it seems certain no.2 is faulty, but no.4 cant be coded if it has been scrubbed off (was like that when i bought it a month ago)Any advice? cheers
  3. hi all, ive never change a fuel filter on a diesel, do i need to fill the thing with diesel first? if so is it via the 'in' nozzle on the filter? Also where is the oil filter and washer pump on ths car, i want to change all filters but the washer has packed up, though the wipers still work so im guessing its not a broken fuse! cheers
  4. which code reader should i buy for this car?? the glow plug light flashes on and the car lacks power, idles a bit lumpy too. Might have an injector out, but as i like tinkering with cars and buy and sell a few i need a code reader anyway, just one that will also read the ecu on my 02 tdci 130 mondeo. Dont really want to spend any more than £100 and im not familiar with the OBD, OBDII stuff. What does that mean? Any advice? cheers
  5. 02 mondeo tdci injector change

    not sure of fault code number. In fairness im going by word of mouth of previous owner. Im told recalibrating may be the best option. Can this only be done by ford or can any competent garage do this? Would you recommend a fuel injector cleaner before i spend money on a new injector? cheers
  6. hi all, i have a 2002 mondeo tdci zetec 130 manual, it lacks a little power, though still drives quite well. My mechanic hooked up his computer to the ECU and tells me the no.3 injector is out. Are these hard to change? should i try having it cleaned, or should i try an injector cleaner first? cheers carnut1980
  7. my 96 fiesta

    hi all, i bought me a 1996 fiesta 1.25 ghia (manual) and its a lovely car but it idles erratically. i have cleaned, unplugged and even removed the maf sensor/air flow meter, and it idles normally for a few seconds, then goes back to up and down idling, i would say between 500 to 1000rpm. ok its not the worst problem in the world but it shouldnt be doing this, and i was sure it would be the air flow meter until i cleaned it. Can anyone help? do these have auto chokes, and could this be the problem? cheers carnut1980