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  1. Happy Birthday Paul H!

  2. Cheers mate, I'll check that out.
  3. I have a Focus 1.8TDCI with an 03 plate. For the last couple of days the amber engine light, and the red battery light have been coming on intermittently causing the rev counter and the speedometer for want of a better term to 'spin out'! They are generally stuck on zero, but every now and then the warning lights flicker on and off causing the dials to randomly flick around. Has this happened to anyone before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Ambient footwell lights

    I'd buy them, loom good in red, how much are they, and how much for the additional dimmer?
  5. Ford Focus Estate - Car Trouble

    Garage got a quote straight from Ford dealership round the corner from me @ £200. I managed to source one online for £125 including delivery so probably gonna take that option. Just gonna have to drive round in a slow a** car for a little longer.
  6. Ford Focus Estate - Car Trouble

    Took it down the garage yesterday afternoon, turned out to be the turbo intercooler itself. The actual intercooler has a nice crack through it, perhaps something to do with the Welsh weather, who knows...
  7. Ford Focus Estate - Car Trouble

    Thanks mate, will get in there and check that out. Any idea on cost of replacing the pipe if it is split?
  8. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help? I have a Focus Estate 1.8TDCI, have had it for about 3 months, was an ex company car with full service history and was well mantained. Car is 5 years old and has done about 92k miles. Recently it has been feeling sluggish and is very slow off the mark, and needs a good bit of revving to stop it from stalling whilst taking off from standstill. When accelerating through the gears it sounds like there is a lot of air escaping from somewhere under the bonnet but can't tell from where exactly. When driving the car you can just feel that there is no 'poke' there! The car is struggling to start when cold and I noticed this morning that some rather dark smoke is coming from the exhaust when accelerating or revving. Has anybody had this problem with their Focus before? Any help/advice would be hugely appreciated.