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  1. Uk Outlaw Street Fwd Shootout

    There's now a writeup with the whole event video'd on our website http://www.outlawshootout.co.uk/2011-event.php
  2. Uk Outlaw Street Fwd Shootout

    What an amazing day, the overall prize of £1500 went to Adam Buckley in his Honda Civic who narrowly beat Allan Duthie in his Vauxhall Corsa The other prize being awarded as follows Winner: Adam Buckley - Honda Civic - £1500 Runner up : Allan Duthie - Vauxhall Corsa - £500 Loosing Semi Finalists Neil Knight - Honda Civic, Andy Nichols - Rover MGZR - £200 Quickest ET - Adam Buckley - Honda Civic - 10.5132 - £150 Quickest NA ET - Alvis Moronta - Honda Civic- 11.2863 - £150 Quickest Supercharged ET - Douglas Gemmell - Honda Civic- 11.0322 - £150 Quickest Nitrous Only Powered Car ET - Paul Bargate - VW Scirocco - £150 Quickest Reaction Time - Allan Duthie - Vauxhall Corsa - 0.1584 - £100 Fastest 60' Time - Douglas Gemmell - Honda Civic - 1.6036 - £100 Fastest 1/8 MPH - Yasir Dar - Honda Civic - 115.97mph - £100 Fastest 1/4 MPH - Andy Nichols 146.28 mph - Rover MGZR - £100 Number 1 Qualifier - Andy Nichols - Rover MGZR - £100 First 150mph car - No winner - carries over to next year. Thanks to all the competitors and sponsors for making this possible. Videos will be online soon at www.outlawshootout.co.uk
  3. Just thought I would register to let you know that we are organising the first ever UK Outlaw Street FWD shootout, they are massive in the US and with the number of fast FWD cars in the uk increasing yearly now seems like a good time to pull them all together in on location, for one weekend only. Total prize money is over £3000 All the rules, and a discussion form can be found on our website http://www.outlawshootout.co.uk and you can also following us on facebook UK Outlaw Street FWD Shootout