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  1. Fiesta St Here In Late 2012 . . .

    2 things from the article The ST is going to be a 5 door SAY WHATTTTTTT ??? ALSO the s1600 to give a taste should be out soon Im fairly certain that thats been out now for about a year ?
  2. Subwoofer Installation

    Because I havent bought my car outright and need to hand it back I dont want to go cutting and splicing :S If I had I would of done what Montune did with theres
  3. Subwoofer Installation

    Hi Guys, Can someone please assist I have fitted lots and lots of these with AFTERMARKET head units so the rest of the wiring is not an issue. I have concerns though as a do not want to cut the wires at the back of the head unit or come off the back speakers as it doesnt sound as good as the head unit Basically can I use this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Fiesta-2008-RCA-AUX-MP3-IPOD-Adaptor-CTVFOX003-/230519526882?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item35ac08d5e2#ht_2519wt_1032 To work as the 2 RCA's to link to the amp and wire it up. Am looking at doing the full sound system So far I have the following information so if any of it is wrong please let me know Front speakers are 6x8 which is a weird size but I have seen a set of pre-made wires and mounts for 13cm speakers on ebay for £10 bargin if you ask me cause cutting plastic of mdf to make them can be a pain in the bum :) lool. Rear speakers are 17cm ? am not to sure about this as no-one has really confirmed this. If this is the case overall your lookin at a decent sound system for £300 Cheers for lookin and any help advice that you can give is appreciated.
  4. I am going to give the blue a bash I think it will go well as the dash is a blue colour, Yeah it is the 3-door I will try and take some photos when I get them off The RS wheels are actually good quality. My dad got a set for his transit connect van and they have been fine and carrying weight :) So in a lightweight car the would be fine. I have the wheels you have on mine and I'm not really a fan of them they are a bit small and don't fill the arch that well. People have recomended a lower but there are alot of speed bumps where I live and I dont want to take the front off :( I seen them on EBAY and the seemed like a good deal
  5. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Depends :) Economic driving 40-42 Standard driving 32-35 Racing driving 25-28
  6. Individual Leather

    James The sales guys would sell you the blue leather indiviual pack if you asked for it no problem, It is where all the money is made in i.e extra's If not say you will go elsewhere See how quick you are offered it then m8 :) Best of luck
  7. Ben Your zetec is beautiful mate :) You should be well chuffed. I agree the roof isn't to everyone's taste but who cares :) That is modding to the best level Do you know of anyone who has painted the inside plastics the baby blue colour ? ( Sorry a don't know the actual colour yet :S ) *edit Vision blue Also a want to discuss the sounds with you as well :) I was thinking of putting in the cable that is an iso for the stock head unit but has 2 RCA's extra Then running cabling through the car to the back I was going to upgrade the tweeters and the door and back speakers as well as adding another 2 via the parcel shelf. I know the front speakers are a lovely 6x8 size :( but a don't the rear panel speaker sizes ? Can you or anyone assist ? As for the wheels :) Focus rs wheels well replicas painted black :) I know its not new but I have just got it and intend on making it a work in progress :) Any other tips etc would be awsome Cheers for reading